Major Australian Defense Program Selects Systecon’s Opus Evo to Deliver Tactical Optimization

Systecon’s Opus Evo, a powerful software for tactical optimization of dynamic scenarios, is now live and actively contributing to mission engineering and defense readiness in Australia.

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Systecon, a global leader in analysis-driven Life Cycle Management, has recently secured a significant win in one of Australia’s premier defense projects. The main objective of the contract is to establish tactical optimization capabilities to ensure mission-capable systems and maximize mission success rates. This will be enabled through Opus Evo, Systecon’s cutting-edge software for tactical optimization of dynamic scenarios and part of Systecon’s Opus Suite analysis platform.

In the dynamic and unpredictable realm of tactical optimization and mission engineering for short to medium-deployment scenarios, Opus Evo addresses the very essence of mission-capable defense systems – minimizing the risk of mission failure. Tactical decision-making requires a nuanced and detailed analysis of scenario dynamics, calling for specialized analysis and optimization approaches that can accommodate the specific requirements of the intended operations, including the mission schedule, availability of support capabilities, and other time-dependent variables.

At the core of Opus Evo’s capabilities is the emphasis on tactical planning, making it possible to optimize towards a maximal likelihood of mission success, by determining the optimal allocation of maintenance resources, spare parts an even number of systems, required to minimize the very real risk that planned missions might fail.

Maximizing Mission Success Rate with Heuristic Analysis Capabilities

Utilizing evolutionary algorithms and simulation, Opus Evo accommodates a detailed model of the systems, support, and operational characteristics, including dynamic aspects and variations over time. The tactical and operational optimization offered by Opus Evo extends to spares and maintenance equipment, making it an ideal approach for optimizing support kits for deployed operations but also strategically managing annual maintenance budgets. Its deployment in Australia provides heuristic analysis capabilities and marks a significant milestone, as it underscores Systecon’s commitment to transforming defense strategies and reinforcing the defense capabilities and readiness of Australia in the region.

Andrew Perkins, Country Manager at Systecon Australia: “The deployment of Opus Evo in Australia marks a milestone. Today our customers use Opus Evo to provide tactical decision support to operators and stakeholders, allowing them to choose a logistic support solution that maximizes their mission success rate in theatre, given a minimal or even reduced logistic footprint. Opus EVO is a potent tool for saving time in analysis, and resources in operations, but most importantly, it will increase the chances for a successful mission”.

Analysis-driven Life Cycle Management

Analysis-driven Life Cycle Management, championed by Systecon, supports data-driven decision-making in all phases of a system’s life cycle. Systecon’s analysis platform Opus Suite plays a vital role in designing logistic support solutions, optimizing operations, system design, and maintenance solutions based on our customers’ conditions and objectives. Some of the world’s most complex technology projects rely on our software and expertise. Our solutions contribute daily to informed decisions and cost-effective solutions in research, development, production, procurement, and operations, impacting companies and government authorities across more than 20 countries on five continents.

 About Systecon

For over 50 years Systecon has developed methods and software that allow organizations across the globe in different industries, from defense to renewables to transport, to make informed, smarter decisions in life cycle management. We have the methodology, tools, and experience to understand and analyze the factors that affect the performance and costs of technical systems – e.g., aircraft, trains, or wind turbines – and to optimize operations, system design, and maintenance solutions based on our customers’ conditions and objectives. Today Systecon is a thought leader in analytical LCM and some of the world’s most complex technology projects rely on our tools and expertise.

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