MADworld and Space Frontier Studio KIBO to Launch the First NFT of 2023 Featuring the First Space Sunrise of the New Year

The collection is part of an interactive live broadcast from the International Space Station to usher in the new year

TOKYO, Dec. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  MADworld, the innovative Web3 ecosystem, and the Space Frontier Studio KIBO (produced, designed, developed by Bascule Inc.) are blasting off into the new year by launching the first NFT of 2023 alongside a livestream the first space sunrise of the year. The space sunrise live program will be captured by Space Frontier Studio KIBO, the only broadcasting studio aboard the International Space Station (ISS), connecting the space in multiple ways of interaction with global viewers at home.


“As the first official NFT collection of 2023, MADworld and Space Frontier Studio KIBO are crafting something special for collectors to share in Earth’s first moments of the New Year,” said Robert Tran, CEO of MADworld. “By offering a series of fun games and prizes throughout the week and finally connecting the Space Frontier Studio KIBO with global viewers at home, this collection highlights MADworld’s mission of spotlighting cultural moments and creating community in Web3.”

The digital collectible is part of a two-and-a-half hour interactive live broadcast from space dedicated to ushering in 2023, allowing viewers to witness live earth view from ISS orbiting the Earth in 90 minutes while catching the first sunlight of 2023 from space.

“It has been three years since the Space Frontier Studio KIBO has tried the world’s first-ever live communication. The view of earth from the International Space Station is just stunning. Though we have been through a lot on earth this year, we believe it is our mission to bring and share the beautiful blue planet with all of us who live together on this very planet. Furthermore, with the announcement of the retirement of the ISS, we have limited chances to live broadcast to celebrate New Year’s. This time, in collaboration with MADWorld, we are exceptionally excited to share the first orbit around earth, welcoming 2023 with people worldwide beyond borders. Communication of the new era is lying ahead.” said Masayoshi Boku, Representative Director of Space Frontier Studio KIBO/

The Astronaut collection is available at As they wait for the first NFT drop of the year, Astronaut holders will receive exclusive perks, compete in a week of prize-winning quests, and acquire access to MADworld members-only experiences to be revealed in 2023.

Also as part of our launch, we are revealing the opportunity to personalize your favorite NFT which performs as a pilot membership program. The goal is to use this opportunity to create a KIBO membership community for the WEB3 community.

“No matter your customs, culture, or geography, ringing in the New Year is something shared by all, and MADworld is offering a new way to celebrate,” said Phillip Tran, CMO of MADworld. “Projects like MADworld x KIBO Astronaut demonstrate exactly how we want to breathe new life in the digital ecosystem and perk the interest of all collectors – and not just space enthusiasts!”

About MADworld

MADworld is an innovative Web3 and digital asset ecosystem backed by Animoca Brands that collides global culture, community and creativity on the blockchain. As the Multiverse Artist Defender, MADworld provides value, security, and provenance to creators, artists, and fans alike across a number of niche communities like anime/manga, fashion, action sports, and music. MADworld seeks to elevate fans’ experience, support creators’ economy, and push the bounds of Web3 technology to reduce the onboarding barriers for traditional Web2 audiences into Web3.

About Space Frontier Studio KIBO

Produced, designed and developed by Bascule Inc.,  project design company based in Japan. expanding its fields to create new “future standards” that transcend existing frameworks and our curiosity to reach the future we imagine.

Space Frontier Studio KIBO* is the world’s first interactive live video transmission to space by establishing a broadcasting station on the International Space Station to connect space and the ground. Established in 2020, Space Frontier Studio KIBO has succeeded to launch interactive programs connecting ISS and earth ground more than 10 times working along with JAXA and NASA.

*KIBO, meaning “hope” in Japanese, is Japan’s first human space facility in the International Space Station. KIBO is equipped with experimental equipment and facilities to research scientific, medical and educational fields.