Lumary Releases Smart Recessed Lighting Max Series

Lumary Unveils New Smart Retrofit Recessed Lighting Max Series

NEW YORK, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Smart lighting just keeps getting better, and Lumary is leading the pack with their latest rollout: the Smart Retrofit Recessed Lighting Max series. These lights are quite the intelligent choice—they come with a neat feature that lets you adjust the ‘up’ light and the ‘down’ light individually or together. They’re also built with comfort in mind, featuring an anti-glare design to ensure a gentle, soothing light that’s easy on the eyes.

Lumary Releases Smart Recessed Lighting Max Series

In their latest release, Lumary has rolled out some pretty slick tech with their RGBAI+CCT technology. What this means is you can enjoy a spectrum of colors in each segment of the light, and tweak the main light’s warmth from a cozy 2700K all the way up to a bright 6500K. The cool part? You’ve got total control over the brightness too—from a subtle glow all the way to full blast—making it perfect for any occasion or everyday chill.

And when it comes to setting it up, Lumary’s kept it super straightforward. Thanks to a clever triangular spring setup, popping these lights in place is a breeze—you can have them shining in just about 10 seconds! Plus, they’ve beefed up the design and Wi-Fi connectivity, so hooking up with your other smart devices at home is smoother than ever.

The intelligent control of the Lumary recessed lighting is equally impressive. You can tweak the settings using the Lumary App over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, or just use your voice with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to get the perfect brightness without lifting a finger. Plus, with the app, you can also set timers and personalize lighting scenes to match your mood—talk about setting the vibe!

On top of that, Lumary has loaded up on options with 44 preset scene modes. Whether you’re looking for the calm of natural landscapes, the joy of party lights, or something to fit your everyday groove, they’ve got you covered. And for an extra kick, there’s even a feature that syncs your lights to your music, turning your home into a live-beat light show.

With top-notch technology and sleek design, these new anti-glare lights from Lumary are all about adding ease and flair to your space. This latest launch isn’t just another step forward in smart lighting; it’s setting the stage for homes that are not just smarter but also more energy-conscious and stylish. 

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