LovelyWholesale Continues To Launch The LW High Stretch Jeans Collection

SHANGHAI, Aug. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LovelyWholesale (“LW” or “the Company”), an international online shopping e-commerce clothing brand, continues to launch the LW High Stretch Jeans collection. These comfortable, high-stretch jeans are designed for women with more curves and plus-size women. The LW High Stretch Jeans collection are already available on its website and App in August 2022. There are more than 300 items for consumers to choose from, including straight jeans, flare jeans, stacked jeans, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, etc.

The fabric of the LW High Stretch Jeans contains cotton and spandex. This blend is manufactured with around 90% cotton and 10% spandex. The amount of 10% spandex is much higher than other stretch jeans on the market (slight stretch jeans have the least amount of elastic material at 0.5%, whereas high stretch jeans have the most elastic material at 3%-5% in general. ), which makes LW High Stretch Jeans 4 times higher on stretch percentage than that of regular jeans. The stretch-out length is greater than 5cm. This blended fabric solves the problems of tightness, baggy knees and poor durability in traditional jeans. 

Good blend materials solve the problem of wearing comfort, and the designer of LW High Stretch Jeans has also made a lot of efforts in the body shaping. “When designing this denim collection, it was important to stay true to the material selection and attention to detail. You’ll be able to do anything in the high stretchy jeans,” Monica said, the designer of LW High Stretch Jeans collection. “With so many competitors on the market, my responsibility is to make this collection more competitive in fit.”

LovelyWholesale analyzed more than 800 questionnaire reports. The questionnaire has collected body measurement information on plump body type female, including plus size women, to build a balanced, well-fitting garment construction. Adjusting the arc line of the front rise and back rise of the jeans, as well as the accurate cutting, LW High Stretch Jeans collection has a better effect on butt lifting, tummy-control and making legs look longer and thinner than regular jeans.

“With the advantages of the supply chain and fabric market, the LW High Stretch Jeans collection not only solves the problems of traditional jeans, but also ensures the LW’s price setting principles of ‘benefits customers more’. We hope that this durable&affordable jeans can be enjoyed by more customers and bargain hunters, giving them the shopping experience of finding ‘affordable dupes for expensive brands’,” said Leon, CEO of LW.

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