Lotte Data Communication Company and its subsidiary Caliverse, Launching ‘Hyper-Realistic’ Metaverse Platform Globally at CES 2024

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Lotte Data Communication Company (LDCC), Korea’s leading ICT company, will officially launch hyper-realistic metaverse platform at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, USA. The exhibition will be located in Central Hall, the main exhibition hall of CES 2024.

Lotte Data Communication Company and its subsidiary Caliverse, Launching ‘Hyper-Realistic’ Metaverse Platform Globally at CES 2024

LDCC is a key affiliate of Lotte Group, responsible for its “Digital Transformation(DT)”. Lotte Group, comprised of around 100 affiliates across approximately 30 countries, is engaged in a variety of industries such as distribution, chemical, food, tourism, construction, and services. It is widely recognized as a global company that has total assets of approximately $100 billion.

LDCC, participating in CES for three consecutive years, will unveil the metaverse platform ‘Caliverse’. It has upgraded all aspects of the platform even more compared to the previous exhibition, which also received great performance reviews, in terms of graphics, immersive experience, and user participation content.

Through this exhibition, LDCC and Caliverse plan to present a new standard in the global metaverse market, and introduce hyper-realistic, immersive, and participatory services. The Caliverse platform is a place where the real world and the virtual world are closely intertwined. Customers can purchase and use hyper-realistic products in the virtual world and have them delivered to their doorsteps in the real world. In addition, Caliverse has applied various new technologies to make it a user friendly ‘UGC (User-Generated Contents)’ platform, that allows users to freely create contents and generate profits.

Unlike the previous exhibition, which was an open booth, this time it will be a closed booth, meaning that people cannot see from the outside. This exhibition is designed to draw great attention and provide incomparable experiences to the audience; people will enter the ‘Caliverse’ world through the main entrance, and experience many new metaverse technologies as they walk through.

In ‘Multi-Device Zone’, located right in front of the booth, people can experience ‘Caliverse’ free from device restrictions using PC, mobile, and HMD (Head Mounted Display). Visitors can access ‘Origin City’, where concurrent users from all around the world gather, and freely enjoy various services such as shopping, entertainment, avatar customization, and mini games.

In Caliverse, products and buildings that cannot be realized in the real world can be created, regardless of time and space. The virtual concert hall can hold more than 65,000 spectators, providing immersive and hyper-realistic experiences as if they are in a real concert. Following previous exhibition, K-POP idol group NMIXX and world-renowned EDM DJ ALOK will perform in ‘Caliverse’ this year.

In addition, we have created a participatory zone where people can experience new technologies; AI scanning, and live streaming which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

‘AI Scan Zone’ will showcase AI scanning technology that allows users to self-create products in virtual space by simply filming products with a mobile device or using AI, if the products cannot be filmed. The technology that allows users to create contents regardless of time and space proves platform’s infinite scalability.

In ‘UCG Zone’, people can experience the world’s first metaverse live streaming technology. It simultaneously converts people working in front of a green screen into digital humans in virtual space. In this zone, digital humans appear in the virtual space as if they are in the real world communicating with users on a real-time basis. This technology is expected to be used in user participatory services such as virtual concerts and shopping.

In addition, starting from the world-class graphics engine ‘Unreal Engine 5’, the core technology of Caliverse, it has already internalized the ability to deliver realistic experiences without loading by utilizing world-class VR filming, compositing, rendering, and high-capacity data compression technology.

Also, ‘LOTTE Zone’, introducing Lotte Group, and ‘Mobility Zone’, which presents LDCC’s electric vehicle chargers will be exhibited.

Through this CES 2024, LDCC is expected to show incomparable technology, contents, and growth potential, solidifying its position as a leader of the future metaverse industry.