Longbridge Group Revolutionizes Investor Access with Complimentary HKEX LV1 Real-Time Streaming Quotes Across All Platforms

SINGAPORE, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Longbridge Group (Longbridge) is thrilled to announce that starting December 1, it is officially providing complimentary LV1 real-time streaming quote services to its valued investors across all its securities trading platforms. This service will be accessible through Mobile Apps, PCs, Websites, APIs, and other relevant channels. The primary aim of this initiative is to elevate the global investment services offered to investors. Committed to delivering the “Best Stock Investment Application,” Longbridge is devoted to providing users with exceptional investment experiences through an extensive range of trading products, tools, content communities, and AI-based knowledge support.

Pioneering the field, Longbridge establishes itself as the first brokerage to streamline registration and offer complimentary HKEX LV1 real-time streaming quotes across all platforms.
Starting December 1, Longbridge Group will extend the provision of free HKEX LV1 real-time streaming quotes to both new and existing users on its trading platforms. This includes users registered and leveraging OpenAPI via Longbridge platforms in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the United States, and LongPort. Users will receive an upgrade from Basic Market Price (BMP) quotes to free HKEX LV1 real-time streaming quotes. The HKEX LV1 real-time streaming quotes replace the manual updating process of BMP quotes, enabling investors to access real-time information, including bid and ask prices, order quantities, and transaction details. This offering caters to investors’ demand for immediate access to real-time market data, significantly enhancing their investment experience.

Longbridge Group affirms, “Longbridge has consistently been committed to providing our valued customers with the ultimate investment experience. By offering free LV1 real-time streaming quote services, our intention is to provide customers with instant, reliable, and comprehensive market data across all trading platforms, empowering them to make informed investment decisions. In addition to delivering a superior investment experience, Longbridge has consistently offered customers lower thresholds and costs in Singapore, US, and Hong Kong stocks, establishing itself as the premier investment platform for global investors. Through continuous innovation in financial technology, we earnestly aim to ensure that all investors enjoy a rewarding investment journey with us.”

Longbridge remains unwavering in its dedication to offering investors an outstanding investment experience by creating a modern and user-friendly trading platform. Guiding users through the path of “Discovery” to “Learning” and “Trading,” Longbridge has developed distinct fundamental data sets, including “Panorama,” “Supply Chain Chart,” and “Community Sentiment View,” enabling investors to identify potential and promising investment opportunities. Empowering investors to seize every profit opportunity with greater effectiveness, Longbridge has introduced various trading tools, such as Grid Trading and Chart Trading.

As a leading online brokerage, Longbridge ensures swift order placement, microsecond-level updates with ultra-low market data latency, and a secure and stable investment experience through its state-of-the-art, self-developed next-generation trading platform. Moreover, Longbridge offers a comprehensive one-stop service for Singapore, US, and Hong Kong stock investments, supporting a wide range of financial products, including stocks, US stock options, exchange-traded derivatives, ETFs, REITs, and funds. This extensive offering provides investors with abundant global investment opportunities.

Longbridge Group hereby reserves the lawful discretion to make amendments or revisions to the terms and conditions of this promotional activity, as well as the right to modify or terminate any associated benefits, without the obligation to provide separate notification.

About Longbridge
Longbridge is a new-generation, socially-driven online brokerage. Its subsidiary, Long Bridge Securities Pte. Ltd., is a licensed entity in Singapore, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under Licence number CMS101211. It holds a capital market service licence and is an exempt financial adviser. Longbridge is dedicated to driving financial technology innovation, enabling individuals to benefit from lower thresholds and costs, thereby enhancing the overall global investment experience.