Live Social Platform Uplive to Livestream During Miami Swim Week 2022 (July 14-17)

Highlighting Global Talent and Diversity in Swimwear Industry while Inspiring Global Creators

MIAMI, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Uplive, the live video social platform with more than 300 million users in 150 regions worldwide, (IG: @uplive.usa), will participate in Miami Swim Week, which will be held July 14-17. Uplive’s coverage will inspire global designers and creators and make it possible for people around the world to see the latest trends in fashion, art, and music.

Miami Swim Week is the premier annual gathering of the world’s top designers and innovators in swim- and resort-wear. The event showcases over 100 independent designers from 70 countries in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle categories, all of whom are hoping to make a splash on the runway with their collections.

The collections featured on Uplive will include Hekka Fashion’s “Style de Vie,” a 30-piece lifestyle capsule of swimwear, apparel, and accessories inspired by the latest fashion trends. Hekka Fashion (IG: @hekka.official), the global online fashion and shopping eCommerce platform, is the sister company of Uplive; both are part of Asia Innovations Group. Miami Swim Week marks the second collaboration between Hekka and Uplive in fashion circles, following the success of the two platforms’ New York Fashion Week 2022 Runway Show earlier this year.

“We’re pleased to showcase the world’s top swimwear fashion event, providing designers and fashion companies at Miami Swim Week with a massive global audience on a premier video platform,” says Christine Xu, General Manager of Uplive USA. “As a platform for global performance and discovery, Uplive will both inspire and showcase creativity through this event.”

Uplive is also boosting careers of young designers based in emerging markets. Through  partnerships with fashion events worldwide, including MTV Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week, Uplive presents designers with an opportunity to establish a global presence in the fashion industry. Uplive is unique in that it enables creators from emerging markets to gain access to larger international audiences and monetize their talents using only a basic smartphone.

The creator economy provides creators with a path to self-expression and an avenue to monetize content and reach millions around the globe. Uplive recognizes the value that can be brought to communities by empowering creative voices from emerging markets. By encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams in music, fashion, drama, TV, and more, Uplive’s parent company, Asia Innovations Group, is making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

For example, the most recent Uplive WorldStage Grand Prize winner, native Filipino Harley David Nino, jumpstarted his career by captivating a global audience on Uplive.

“I am grateful that Uplive brought this huge opportunity to me. This is just the beginning of making all my dreams come true,” Harley David Nino shared.

By creating a digital platform for artists to express themselves, Uplive is driving the creator economy forward and discovering the next generation of talent.

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