LitONES Launches Square 3 Portable Video Conference Light on Kickstarter, Revolutionizing the Way Professionals Approach Online Meetings

The world’s first portable business-oriented conference light/Comfortable Sunshine-like Lighting

LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As remote work and hybrid offices continue to dominate the business world, video conferences have become the norm. However, poor lighting conditions can impact the professionalism and credibility of these meetings, leading to reduced productivity and engagement. This is where LitONES Square 3 Portable Video Conference Light comes in as the ultimate solution for professionals who need optimal lighting for their virtual meetings.

Sunshine-like Eye-Friendly Lighting

LitONES Square 3 Portable Video Conference Light boasts side light-emitting technology and laser dot matrix technology, which creates a soft yet powerful lighting atmosphere, similar to natural sunlight, making it more comfortable for your eyes even during extended use. Its perfect lighting color temperature of 4,000-5,800k and 95+ color-rendering index, making your video conferences look and feel natural, no matter what the setting is. You will be impressed by its sunshine-like lighting, which is as smooth as sunshine.

Up to 24hrs Long-lasting Battery

We care most of the endurance and life cycle of batteries, and invest much more to make them last longer for daily heavy usage. LitONES Square 3 comes with a 3200mAh high-capacity battery, powering you up to 24 hours lighting. You don’t need to worry about power juice anymore when you’re in business on the go. Alternatively, if you are at home or at the office, you can simply plug it in, save the battery, and just keep your LitONES Square 3 continuously without even thinking about battery autonomy and charging issues.

Business-oriented & Sleek Design

LitONES Square 3 Portable Video Conference Light is the world’s first portable business-oriented conference light, designed to make your video conferences appear professional and adapt to any device. With its sleek and compact design, the light is ideal for business meetings and can be easily carried wherever you go. The foldable hidden bracket makes it extraordinarily easy to keep it steady on any desktop or laptop without additional fixing accessories. And there will be zero damage to any screens.

“We created LitONES Square 3 as a light sidekick that’s as comfortable as sunlight to help you with your daily tasks, small but powerful, LitONES Square 3 is a business-oriented adaptable LED light like no other. ” said Helen, LitONES CEO. “Our extensive experience and expertise in the consuming lighting industry have made LitONES a leader in video conference lighting products. The ‘Sunshine Simulation’ technology has been a decisive element in allowing us to reach this leadership position in this market.” Helen Added.

LitONES Square 3 Portable Video Conference Light is now available on Kickstarter, with early bird discounts up to 50% OFF(Original Price:$69.99).Backers are expected to receive their products in August. For more information on the Square 3 Portable Video Conference Light, visit

About Litones

LitONES is a global brand specializing in lighting solutions. We are committed to providing exceptional lighting products for video conferences and more. Our innovative “Sunshine Simulation” technology sets us apart and has made us a leader in the video conference lighting industry. With headquarters in China and offices in the US, we serve customers across the US and EU, and are dedicated to continually improving our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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