Litheli Launches Power Hub B600 Featuring Detachable, Modular Batteries to Enable Flexible Power Usage

The brand aims to create an ecosystem of electric tools using modular batteries as the basic unit of power storage and supply

NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Litheli, a brand specializing in the design and manufacturing of battery-powered tools and modular power stations, today announced the launch of the Power Hub B600, a 594Wh portable power station that utilizes interchangeable, modularized clean energy to power an ecosystem of battery-powered tools.

Litheli’s Ecosystem of Battery-Powered Tools

Since 2017, Litheli has been building an extensive ecosystem of battery-operated gardening tools and cleaning appliances. Today, Litheli officially adds portable power stations to its product portfolio. The Power Hub B600 not only provides a reliable electric output of 600W as a power station, but more importantly, serves as the hub to house and charge the modular batteries that power the ecosystem of cordless tools.

A Compact Portable Power That’s Powerful, Versatile, and Stable

The Power Hub B600 is a portable power station that utilizes Li-ion NMC cells, offering high energy density, resulting in the device’s compact size (12.32*8.03*6.65 in). Weighing approximately 13 pounds, the B600 allows users to take electricity anywhere they want, providing an unparalleled level of portability.

With a total capacity of 594Wh, the B600 is able to power most household appliances such as 600W rice cookers, coffee makers, and projectors in outdoor settings, making it a perfect companion for those who enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle. The B600 is also a great backup power source for households during outages, as it provides stable power at a rated output of 600W and a peak output of 1,200W, enabling it to meet the majority of the usual household electricity needs.

To fulfill the needs of users who want to charge multiple devices simultaneously, the B600 boasts an extensive selection of outlets, including two AC ports, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, one car charger, two DC5521 ports, and even a 15W wireless charging pad for any device that supports wireless charging. Thus, users can conveniently locate the right port for their devices with the abundance of six different types of outlets.

The B600 is equipped with a Battery Management System that closely monitors the working status of battery cells, be it charging or powering other devices, thereby effectively preventing overvoltage, overheating, and short circuits and guaranteeing the optimum safety and stability of the power station.

A Hub for An Ecosystem of Battery-Powered Tools

The Power Hub B600 offers a large capacity, robust output, and various types of outlets, making it a highly competitive option as a portable power station. However, in terms of Litheli’s long-term vision, the B600 has a more significant purpose. It serves as the power hub, utilizing two detachable and modular U-Batteries to power all the tools within Litheli’s ecosystem of battery-powered tools, bringing users a true grab-and-go experience of power use.

“With the Power Hub B600, we aim to leverage modularized clean energy to power an ecosystem that will allow electric tools to operate without the hassle of cords,” said Ivy Ying, General Manager of Overseas Business at Litheli. “By doing so, we will strive to achieve a more efficient use of power and become the driving force of the revolution of new energy application.”

The two U-Batteries, each with 16Wh capacity, can be detached from the B600 to power compatible tools within the ecosystem such as the Litheli Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, the Litheli Cordless Vacuum Mop, and the Litheli Handheld Vacuum. Users only need to retrieve a U-Battery from the B600, attach it to a compatible Litheli tool, and they will be ready to use. Each U-Battery possesses a two-way USB-C port and can also work as a small power bank to charge electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. While not in use, these U-Batteries are housed in the B600 and get charged via the base station, standing by for their next mission.

In the future, Litheli plans to further extend the battery-power ecosystem by launching more U-Battery-compatible tools.

Pricing & Availability

The Litheli Power Hub B600 is now available on Amazon US, and at an MSRP of 499 USD.

About Litheli

Founded in 2017, Litheli is a fast-growing brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of battery-powered tools and portable power stations featuring detachable, modular batteries. By innovatively applying the modular batteries that can be detached from the power station to power cordless tools directly, Litheli aims to create a modular battery-powered ecosystem that significantly boosts the efficiency of green energy use and brings an upgraded experience to global users.

Litheli boasts a strong in-house R&D team of over 180 dedicated professionals and has built a patent portfolio of 428 patents, including 150 patents for invention as of 2022. Currently, Litheli has offices in the United States and Europe, and is looking to grow its global presence in the future.