LITEON Showcase Strength in Total Solution for High Performance Computing at SC22 in Dallas Texas

DALLAS, Nov. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LITEON Technology, global industry leading power, mechanical and cooling solutions provider exhibited at the booth 327 in SC22 Summit on November 14-17, 2022, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX. With the record turn up and request collected, SC22 has been a great success for us, after a successful OCP 2022 show in San Jose last month.      

LITEON Showcase Strength in Total Solution for High Performance Computing at SC22 in Dallas Texas

LITEON’s focus and innovation has been demonstrated through our broad portfolio of products coverage and solution to support for Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions (HCI), and well as High Performance Computing (HPC), which above & beyond Open Rack power products for Rack Enclosure (19″-21″) covering both 12V and 48V architecture, Power Supply & Battery Backup (3KW-5.5KW) and Power Shelf (15KW-27.5KW) through ODM and OEM partnerships that integrate its technologies into their systems with the highest performance and most competitive cost. For High Performance computing, we have developed industry leading power solution, which exceed 100W/in3, in multiple standard form factor with included MCRPS 3200W, which targeted to next gen HPC and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence application.         

We will also be showcasing a liquid cooling solution. Due to the increase in demands for high performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine leaning, the power budget demand has significantly increased. Traditional convection cooled solution shall be not enough to dissipate such high heat, as such Liquid cooling shall be the next mainstream solution for rack optimized and data center applications. LITEON leverages our strengths in mechanical design, power system solution and thermal management, coupled with our hardware and software design leadership, and developed a Total Solution with liquid cooling system to enable Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) at rack level, including OCP V3 enabled Rack, server chassis, power system and Battery Backup Solution, as well as CDU and liquid cooling peripherals, to support our customer in ease of deployment in Data Center application.

Along with these solutions, we will also be showcasing our server enclosures. LITEON Technology has more than 25 years’ experience of chassis product design, in-house tooling development, and manufacturing. We also have a dedicated CAE team to provide simulation analysis in the early stages of new product development, which enhance design robustness and cost competitiveness our solution. From our experienced chassis product design and high efficiency automation manufacturing, we continue to expand our footprint into cloud applications, as well as expecting a wide coverage/total mechanical solution for our customers.

Over the last two years, LITEON has enhanced our global manufacturing footprint in different locations of Asia. In 2023, we will continue to expand our manufacturing footprint beyond Asia to North America region in Plano Dallas, as well as Guadalajara Mexico. With this move, we intended to bring supply closer to the point of demand, to improve our flexibility and shorten lead time to North America market.          

At SC22, LITEON Technology has showcased our latest Open Rack compliant power products as below:

1-   50V ATS-PSU Power Shelf System, 2OU, 33kW, N+1

2-   50V ORV3 Battery Backup System, 2OU, 15kW @240Sec, N+1

3-   50V ORV3 Power Shelf System, 1OU, 15kW, N+1

4-   50V ORV3 compatible Immersion Power Shelf System, 2OU, 24kW, N+1

5-   12V ATS-PSU Power with Backup System, 3OU, 15kW@4min, N+1

6-   12V Horizontal Power System, 2OU, 24kW, N+1

7-   12V Vertical Immersion Power System, 3OU, 27kW, N+1

8-   12V Battery Backup System, 1OU, 7kW@3min

9-   MCRPS 3200W Power Module