LinkieBuy of the Xingyun Group Announces Strategic Upgrade: Integrated Online and Offline Digital Operation Solutions

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, LinkieBuy, a subsidiary of Xingyun Group, officially announced the completion of its update of brand strategy in order to meet the rapid development of the company’s business, enhance its core competitiveness and better serve customers.

After this strategic upgrade, LinkieBuy managed to transform itself from a cross-border e-commerce integrated service provider to a digital operation solution service provider integrating online and offline scenarios, providing full-link digital solutions from building an online SaaS mall, payment and system API docking, e-commerce agency operation, brand communication, marketing and customer acquisition, CRM customer management, private domain operation and repurchase, to offline warehousing, logistics supply chain, delivery to stores, and store member management, thus helping brands and retailers comprehensively upgrade their operation efficiency and transaction volume.

Digital operation is the only way for any enterprises to improve its operation efficiency. Following the spread of digital technology and applications, more and more enterprises are aware of this. “With this strategic upgrade, LinkieBuy has made major upgrades in technology research and development, intelligent tools, digital marketing, data operation, digital services, and standardized solutions. We have further optimized our business processes and greatly improved our operation efficiency, gaining the ability to provide customized digital solutions for various industries according to the needs of different customers.” Tank, Wang Zhiqiang, head of LinkieBuy, said, “We empower digitalization with intelligence, and drive standardization with digitalization.”

With increased diversity of consumers’ demand and the complexity of market competition, online digitalization alone cannot fully meet the needs of business. Integration of online and offline scenarios has become an increasingly important core capability, which is particularly important especially for enterprises with cross-border, warehousing, logistics needs, and offline stores. Many enterprises are unable to form a closed loop of operations due to lack of offline operations and compliance capabilities. “LinkieBuy has established its global warehousing and logistics supply chain relying on Xingyun Group, and it can seamlessly connect with consumers and brands, and LinkieBuy’s customized travel shopping solutions can also bring considerable users to retailers’ offline stores,” said Tank with full confidence.

LinkieBuy is a business owned by Xingyun Group, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises. All members of the core management team come from top Chinese Internet companies such as Alibaba and Tencent, with extensive experience in technology, operation, and marketing, who are supported by a professional operations team of more than 100 people.

LinkieBuy focuses on the digital upgrade of global brands and retailers, providing digital operation solutions integrating online and offline scenarios in brands’ expansion in the Chinese market. Currently, it is focusing on international markets such as Japan, Thailand, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and has established cooperation with more than 100 well-known brands, such as Japanese clothing brand Yohji Yamamoto, Thailand biggest supermarket BIGC, Hong Kong brand CATALO, Australian brand Swisse, and Dutch brand TheNose Fuji.

This strategic upgrade marks a new stage of the development of LinkieBuy. LinkieBuy will provide global brands and retailers with more professional digital operation solutions for their digital upgrade and entry into the Chinese market, create greater value through digitalization, and make global trading easier!

Jason Liu