LINE TODAY Thailand Launches ‘LIVE TODAY’ to Become a National Live Streaming Solution

Amplifying Partner Growth and Strengthening Impact in the Content Industry

BANGKOK, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LINE TODAY Thailand, no.1 mobile content portal in Thailand, introduces ‘LIVE TODAY,’ a groundbreaking feature offering National Live Streaming. ‘LIVE TODAY’ represents a significant milestone, enriching the online live broadcast experience with comprehensive marketing tools and enabling partners to achieve nationwide reach through the platform’s extensive capabilities. This initiative marks a pivotal moment for content creators, allowing them to expand their target audiences and grow their businesses. ‘LIVE TODAY’ also reinforces LINE TODAY Thailand’s new concept, ‘Explore The Unexpected,’ aimed at fostering collaborative opportunities to enhance content industry.

LINE TODAY Thailand Launches ‘LIVE TODAY’ to Become a National Live Streaming Solution Amplifying Partner Growth and Strengthening Impact in the Content Industry

“Bringing People Together”, The Power of LIVE TODAY

Sirikarn Somnuek, Director of LINE TODAY (LINE THAILAND), emphasized, “The allure of watching live broadcasts on online platforms lies in the ability to participate in the event in real-time. It’s unpredictable, allowing you to be part of the fan community, and it brings people together. These features have been clearly demonstrated by the audience of ‘live broadcasts’ on LINE TODAY, receiving positive feedback and showing the potential to become highly popular. We have aired almost 200 live broadcasts in less than a year, accumulating over 130 million views. It has proven to be an effective channel and tool for content creators to overcome the limitations of reaching their target audiences in an era where viewership is divided between TV and online platforms. LIVE TODAY, or ‘Live’ on LINE TODAY Thailand, will help bridge this viewing gap, making it more comprehensive.

For instance, the live broadcast of the government lottery result announcement averaged 3.2 million views per broadcast, while the live broadcast of Miss Universe Thailand 2023 received 1.5 million views, and the live broadcast of news TV programs garnered nearly 1 million views each time. With the potential of LIVE TODAY, it will assist our partners in reaching Thailand’s nationwide audience via both offline platforms (TV) and internet platforms (LINE). It will become the ‘National Live’ experience that content creators are seeking in an era where audiences can consume content from multiple channels”.

4 Key Benefits of ‘LIVE TODAY’, Rooted in the Concept of ‘Bringing People Together’, with the Aim of Impacting Content Businesses

1.       Enhanced Thai Viewer Engagement

–  In addition to live broadcasting, viewers will have the ability to minimize the broadcasting screen and engage in discussions with other viewers in the main chat or LINE OpenChat using the PIP (Picture in Picture) feature. Furthermore, creators can implement a ‘poll’ on LINE TODAY, allowing their target audiences to participate. These poll results can then be used to further develop their content. For example, KAZZ AWARDS 2024, the awards that recognize outstanding achievements in Thailand’s entertainment industry, integrated a poll result from LINE TODAY into the score computation during the award announcement, along with ‘quizzes’, which are entertaining knowledge tests.

2.       Broad Audience Reach in Thailand

– LIVE TODAY offers ample marketing space for promoting live broadcasting to effectively reach audiences. This includes Smart Channel placements on main chats on the LINE application, banners on LINE TODAY and LINE OpenChat, special tabs on the Rich Menu of LINE TODAY official accounts, and short videos on LINE VOOM. These marketing strategies aim to create an atmosphere and attract the attention of viewers who are LINE users nationwide (54 million users), while also connecting promotional channels with other services on the LINE app.

3.       Versatile Content Support

– LIVE TODAY is open to all types of content that require online live broadcasting, whether it is national agenda items such as election broadcasts or other content that needs to reach new audience groups. This includes contests, competitions, award ceremonies, concerts, events, fairs, seminars, and press conferences. The platform aims to expand the audience base from TV channels or the main channels of other media.

4.       Collaborative Opportunities

– In addition to national agenda content, LIVE TODAY also supports collaborative content development (Co-Creation) and collaborative marketing (Co-Marketing), leading to shared revenue.

“Collaboration & Quality Content” – The Fundamental Focus of LINE TODAY Thailand

Beyond ‘LIVE TODAY’, which will be a significant asset in promoting and supporting content creators, LINE TODAY Thailand emphasizes being a platform that delivers quality news content resulting from collaborations between the platform and content creators. Additionally, the significance of developing various forms of content, channels to respond to and satisfy the current growing consumer demands is emphasized. This aligns with the new concept of the platform, ‘Explore The Unexpected’, aimed at propelling the news content industry forward.

LINE TODAY Thailand stands as the no.1 mobile content portal within the nation, positioned prominently on the 4th tab of the LINE application. With an impressive milestone of 1.4 billion pageviews and a monthly user base of 40 million nationwide, LINE TODAY Thailand has established itself as a powerhouse in delivering diverse content experiences. Ranging from news to entertainment, edutainment, lifestyle, sports, horoscopes, and lottery, LINE TODAY Thailand offers a comprehensive array of content formats, including articles, polls, videos, and live streaming. Through partnerships with 300 online and offline publishers and creators, LINE TODAY Thailand ensures easy access to a wealth of reliable updates, catering to the needs of its audience.