Li Jun, VP of China Telecom: Build Cloud Broadband Ecosystem, Empower Digital Transformation

AMSTERDAM, Oct. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Li Jun, Vice President of China Telecom, delivered a video speech at the World Broadband Association (WBBA) Annual Event, held in Amsterdam on Oct 19, 2022. He shared his point of view about global broadband development, the practice of China Telecom regarding cloud and network convergence, and suggestions and expectations for WBBA. The event was hosted on the Network X exhibition. Telecom New Zealand, Huawei, Nokia and Informa Tech, together with ETSI and FTTH European Commission delivered speeches at the conference.

“The broadband network is an important component of digital information infrastructure, and also the key foundation for creating digital competitiveness.” Summed up by Li Jun. He highlighted the essentially important role broadband connection played during the COVID-19 pandemic, and concluded three major features of broadband development: high-speed, cloud based and intelligence. He emphasised that it’s time to expedite the construction of new infrastructures, such as broadband networks and data centres, to enable the global digital transformation.

He stressed that there are three major challenges obstructing the development of broadband. First, the digital divide exists in the world. Broadband construction is a heavy investment field with a long commercial return period. Therefore broadband penetration is insufficient. Second, the contents and services hardly meet the growing demand. It is of great need to deeply connect the industrial chain. Third, the intelligent level of the network is insufficient.

In response to these challenges, China Telecom upgrades ubiquitous infrastructure actively, and boasts a leading broadband network. By the end of June 2022, the number of China Telecom broadband users amounted to 177 million. The optical fibre covered 98% of administrative villages nationwide. For more than 300 cities and towns, the upgrading 10 GPON optical network had accessed 150 million residences.

“China Telecom is in a leading position of building a new information infrastructure with cloud network convergence features, enabling the digital economy. The E-Cloud sub-company ranks top No.1 among global operators’ public cloud IaaS. China Telecom has built a hierarchical computing power service system with cloud, edge and terminals, the computing power scale has reached 3.1 EFLOPS, and has developed the distributed cloud system “Cloud OS4.0″, providing strong power for the digital transformation of the whole society,” said by Li Jun.

Li Jun emphasised that the broadband industry is seeing significant innovations in technology, services and business model, WBBA is born at the right time. China Telecom expects WBBA to play an important role in serving global broadband network operators, vendors, cloud service providers and other stakeholders, uniting the global industry chain and facilitating industry chain communications and exchanges between it, as well as enhancing technological cooperation and promoting the innovation and development of the global cloud and network information infrastructure, and achieving the prosperity of the cloud and broadband industry around the world. He concluded six resources and services that the members could obtain to effectively reduce their Capex/Opex, and access to high-quality development.

At last, Li Jun expressed China Telecom truly hopes that more and more stakeholders will join WBBA, in the endeavour to enhance the collaboration of the global broadband industry, join the journey to eliminate the digital divide, and bring the benefits of the digital economy to people around the world. China Telecom is looking forward to working closely with WBBA for a win-win for all of you, for a brighter future, for a better world.