LG CNS Introduces ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ to the U.S. Market at SAP Sapphire 2024

An innovation in the next-generation ERP migration with real transaction data to ensure successful system launches Automatically collects millions of real transaction data to identify defects and drastically enhance system quality through repeated testing The global expansion of the ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ will commence in the U.S. by the end of this month ‘SINGLEX’, a global SaaS integrated platform by LG CNS, was also unveiled

SEOUL, South Korea, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LG CNS, a leading DX (Digital Transformation) company, today unveiled its testing solution ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ at SAP Sapphire 2024 currently taking place in Orlando, Florida, from June 3 to June 5.

LG CNS unveiled the ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ to global corporate clients for the first time at SAP Sapphire 2024 in Orlando, Florida. This automated testing solution, specifically tailored for SAP ERP, uses real transaction data to ensure successful system launches.

As the annual flagship conference of SAP, a global leader in enterprise applications and business AI, SAP Sapphire invites corporate clients and partners from around the world to showcase their latest solutions. LG CNS operates an exhibition booth to boast its new ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ to global corporate clients on site and plans to make a presentation on the solution on the final day of the event (June 5).

LG CNS’s latest ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ is a variation of ‘PerfecTwin,’ a testing solution that utilizes real transaction data to ensure successful system launches, specialized for SAP ERP1). The new ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ from LG CNS helps corporate clients migrating from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA launch with a nearly zero defect rate while also supporting regular SAP S/4HANA upgrades.

A key feature of ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ is its use of real transaction data from SAP ECC instead of sampled2) data to identify defects. This solution automatically replicates millions of real transaction data in the SAP S/4HANA system and compares results for verification, which can identify and eliminate potential defects that humans cannot detect easily. Unlike conventional methods that verify defects based on a small data sample, ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ utilizes large volumes of real transaction data to accurately identify various defects, enabling corporate clients to significantly enhance their transactions running on SAP S/4HANA.

The ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ solution can also automatically collect massive real transaction data from specific periods of time for repeated verification, ensuring a successful launch of SAP S/4HANA. While the manual process of discovering defects can take a considerable amount of time, it also has its limits in conducting repetitive verification, a crucial element in an ERP system as it is the central hub connecting key business systems of a company. Not only does ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ alleviate this issue, but it can also verify whether the key business systems interconnected with the ERP system are fully functioning.

In March of last year, LG CNS signed an MOU with SAP at the German company’s headquarters in Walldorf to collaborate on the development of next-generation ERP systems for Korean companies and discuss concepts for the ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’. Following several joint technical meetings, workshops, and PoC (Proof of Concept) projects, LG CNS developed the ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ which is set to launch in the U.S. by the end of this month.

LG CNS unveils global SaaS integrated platform ‘SINGLEX’ at ‘SAP Sapphire 2024’

LG CNS also unveiled ‘SINGLEX’ at SAP Sapphire 2024 to raise its global awareness and discover and meet potential corporate clients from around the world.

The SINGLEX platform integrates global SaaS (Software as a Service) services across core business areas, including procurement management, human capital management, marketing and sales, manufacturing, R&D, and quality control. This innovative solution allows corporate clients to combine their optimal SaaS within a single platform, subscribing only to their desired services and paying only for what they used, instead of purchasing several services from different solution providers.

During the event, LG CNS will showcase the differentiated features of SINGLEX in procurement management and human capital management. For procurement management, LG CNS extends SAP’s procurement solution, SAP Ariba with manufacturing-specific features such as ▲development, equipment, construction purchasing and ▲procurement supply chain analysis and prediction. For human capital management, LG CNS combines its unique DX technologies in AI and big data with SAP’s human capital management solution, SAP SuccessFactors, which allows corporate clients to maximize employee experience through ▲AI keyword analysis of jobs and competencies and ▲constant coaching feedback.

“‘PerfecTwin’ has a proven track record of providing differentiated client values to corporate clients in Korea across various industries, including finance, manufacturing, retail, and services,” stated Min Bae, head of the Security & Solution Business division at LG CNS. “Our new ‘PerfecTwin ERP Edition’ is the optimal choice for global corporate clients looking to migrate their SAP ERP seamlessly and successfully.”

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): A system that integrates and manages all business operations of a company, from finance, manufacturing, human capital, procurement, sales, and more. Sampling: The process of extracting a portion of the data as a sample rather than using the entire data during verification analysis.

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About LG CNS
LG CNS is a leading Korean digital transformation (DX) company that continues to pioneer various emerging technologies such as the cloud, generative AI, big data, smart factory, smart city, smart logistics and digital marketing. The company is also leading the market through innovative system integration (SI) and system management (SM) projects in finance, manufacturing, the public sector and various other industries. For more information, please visit www.lgcns.com.