Leveraging TikTok Shop’s Live Shopping Feature, Three Affiliate Creators Recorded a Sales Breakthrough Worth USD 7 Million

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TikTok Shop, a platform where entertainment and e-commerce meet, continues to show its commitment to provide exciting and entertaining shopping experiences that are safe and enjoyable for the merchants, creators, or TikTok communities across Indonesia. Embarking on its third year of operation in Indonesia, TikTok Shop has recently made another resounding act of breaking the sales record through its live shopping feature and collaboration with three renowned affiliate creators, amounting to USD 7 million in August 2023.

Leveraging TikTok Shop’s Live Shopping Feature, Three Affiliate Creators Recorded a Sales Breakthrough Worth USD 7 Million

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Live Shopping to the rescue!

According to TikTok Shop’s internal report, 1 in 3 TikTok users have purchased products from TikTok Shop. Additionally, the LIVE Shopping feature that embodies the Shoppertainment concept (Entertainment first, eCommerce second) has become the users’ most favorite feature to make transactions within the platform. This concept will enable users to enjoy the entertainment served, while allowing them to shop and interact in real-time with the merchants.

Strong collaboration between affiliate creators with local brands, and public figures

For affiliate creators, the LIVE shopping feature does not only help them build and maintain their relationship with audiences on TikTok, but also serves to earn more revenue by collaborating with several local brands in promoting and selling their products on TikTok Shop. In last August, three famous affiliate creators, namely #RajaKreatorKecantikan dr. Richard Lee, #RatuAffiliator Mami Louisse, and #RajaElektronik Kohcun had successfully recorded a new sales breakthrough because of leveraging the LIVE Shopping feature for 23 to 26 hours long in one day. On top of that, another strategy they implemented to reach a broader audience is to collaborate with various local brands and public figures.

dr. Richard Lee, a TikTok-star and health practitioner who is actively engaged in creating product reviews contents, stated, “My team and I took turns in engaging in a 23-hour non-stop interactive live shopping that will capture our audiences’ interests. We also collaborated with famous celebrities in Indonesia, such as Inara Rusli, Inge Anugrah, and Lady Nayoan Kjaernett to help spread product knowledge to our viewers.” As a result, dr. Richard Lee with his team sold beauty products worth USD 2.6 million in a day.

This achievement affirms that consistency and determination, combined with curiosity and willingness to learn new things are keys to success. Started tapping into the live shopping feature in January 2023, dr. Richard Lee secured himself a position in the Top 10 content creator with the highest product selling in July after partaking in several TikTok Shop campaigns.

For Louisse Scarlett, or widely known as Mami Louisse, her resounding success for scoring revenue worth USD 2.9 million in a day by selling local beauty products and for being the first affiliate creator in Southeast Asia with the highest shipping order received (232,400), are an integral part of her strategy in collaborating with several brands and utilizing live shopping feature on TikTok Shop. To further attract audiences’ interest, Mami Louisse also offered an up-to 50% discount promo for her best curated local beauty products and free shipping to the buyers.

Aside from beauty brands, affiliate creators in the electronics category had also shown their existence to appeal to their communities in TikTok Shop. Kohcun, one of the creators who used to work in a gadget repair shop, has become an archetype for other creators after profitably selling featured products, including smartphones, electronics accessories, and household appliances worth USD 1.3 million through a 24-hour live shopping. To expand his audience reach, and capture their best interests, he added an appealing 80% discount and free-shipping promos across Indonesia.

Educational and interactive content wrapped in a creative way

Each of these three-star affiliate creators represents a similar personal branding strategy that focuses on sharing educational content and product reviews with a personalized touch of art and cleverness. With dr. Richard Lee, the intent is to help beauty communities in Indonesia to get a better understanding of the benefits of beauty products sold in the market, as for Mami Louisse, she started by sharing her journey in TikTok about her parenting style and her family’s recovery journey, and Kohcun who begun sharing electronic product reviews back in 2021 in a clear, uncomplicated way.

Additionally, those affiliate creators also put emphasis on the importance of keeping the audiences engaged and maintaining the relationship during the live shopping. Kohcun stated, “I have never imagined that with TikTok Shop, I could inspire people, especially Warga Kohcun (the supporters and fans name of Kohcun) so that they could select the right electronic products and get the best out of them. I am grateful for my team and appreciate every effort poured to make this success happen.”

TikTok Shop is committed to empowering its creator communities to earn incomes and to ensure safety during the shopping process at the same time by providing a product search feature, a seamless check-out process, and order-tracking option in one platform. Furthermore, with the Shoppertainment concept that puts entertainment first and eCommerce second, the MSMEs players and large enterprises receive equal opportunities to grow their sales by utilizing a creative short video content creation and attractive live streaming. To further strengthen its commitment in supporting the Indonesian economy, TikTok Shop will continue to provide comprehensive benefits to local MSMEs, such as assistance in onboarding, incubation, and various programs that contribute to their business growth.

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