Lepro Unveils LightGPM™ 2: LLM (Large Language Model) Generates Professional Lighting Effects

LAS VEGAS, July 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Lepro, a leading innovator in AI-generated lighting using large language models (LLMs), proudly announces the launch of LightGPM™ 2. LightGPM™ 2 is an advanced LLM designed to create professional lighting effects. This new version features more model parameters and training materials, significantly enhancing the user experience.

Lepro unveils LightGPM2, an advanced large language model(LLM)

Why LightGPM™ 2 Generates Professional Lighting Effects

Besides general human knowledge, LightGPM 2’s additional training knowledge includes:

Color Psychology: Studies on how colors affect human psychology, emotions, feelings, and behaviors. General Lighting Design Knowledge: Foundational principles of effective lighting design. Tailored Lighting Effect Design Knowledge: Specific knowledge for various scenarios and moods, including colors, hue, brightness, color-changing styles, and rhythms.

LightGPM™ 2 utilizes a transformer decoder architecture, similar to popular LLMs on the market, such as ChatGPT.

LightGPM™ 2 Is Easy to Use – Voice Control

Common smart lights require users to manually select the desired lighting effects from thousands of presets, often resulting in significant time and effort expenditure. In contrast, LightGPM™ 2, utilizing LLM technology, automatically generates appropriate lighting effects based on user voice commands. Users can specify their needs, whether related to mood, scenario, or specific instructions. For example, when a user states, “I want some sunshine vibes” or “Happy Easter,” LightGPM™ 2 interprets the command and provides the optimal lighting effect, enhancing user convenience and experience.

Enhanced Lighting Experience for All Users

All users, including those who have already purchased Lepro AI lighting products such as the N1, S1, and WL1, can enjoy the enhanced features and performance of LightGPM™ 2.

About Lepro

Lepro is at the forefront of AI lighting innovation, dedicated to improving how individuals experience their spaces. With a focus on technological advancement and user-centric design, Lepro strives to provide superior lighting experiences.

For more information on LightGPM™ 2 and Lepro’s products, please visit https://www.lepro.com/