LeMuna introduces latest audio sunglasses, delivering more powerful chip, innovative designs and impressive battery life

With Soter and Theia, LeMuna creates a brand-new generation of audio glasses

HONG KONG, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Audio glasses or Bluetooth glasses have been widely recognized for their incredible features and have greatly changed our daily lives. Recently, LeMuna has just announced that it will be available for sale in October according to their news on social media like Facebook and Instagram.


Compared with open wireless earbuds or traditional sunglasses, LeMuna is indeed more stylish and practical for either indoor or outdoor use. Sound quality is almost comparable to open earbuds. They are also equipped with speakers and mics built into the frames, playing sound in your near-field space without covering your ears, while also protecting your eyesight. No matter you are an audio book lover or music lover, movie goer or binge watcher, or just want to answer a call without picking up the phone or fiddling with earbuds, or need to free their hands to continue with what you are doing, LeMuna intends to help you with all of that, making your daily life more productive and achievable.

Key Features:

Long lasting battery: Up to 12 hrs and quick full charge in 40 mins IP56 Waterproof: Free from drizzling, sweat and splash Dual-Mic Dynamic Balance Algorithm: Featuring the Qualcomm Chip; maximize the clarity and accuracy of voice communication Swappable frames: Hassle-free frames changing & sharp style Smart control: Bluetooth supported; easy control-tap, swipe and touch to call, play music or awake your voice assistance on phone

Future road

Audio glasses or smart wearable is not a rare market anymore. Though facing challenges and uncertainties, LeMuna aims to “better connect the world of atoms and world of bits through LeMuna eyewears, and to bring innovation for user interaction with meta-verse in the near future.” The tough road had been traveled, but the future looks promising with LeMuna.

About LeMuna

LeMuna, a smart eyewear company co-founded by co-inventor of the World’s first VR glasses and the winner of Red Dot Awards. Noticing that most smart audio glasses are not user-friendly, out-of-dated designed, and poor battery, which is not simplified and smart enough in life. They wanted to create a true audio glasses that are comfy to use, stylish in look and lasting in duration, empowering daily life with more productivity and fun.