Leading Vacuum Brand Puppyoo Lands in the European Market, Shows Off Product Line-Up at the IFA in Berlin

BERLIN, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Chinese vacuum cleaner brand Puppyoo recently made a splash at the International Consumer Electronics Show IFA in Berlin, Germany. Representing their venture in the European market, they showcased some of their most powerful and advanced vacuum technology— including the Red Dot Award-winning series T12 and T11, corded vacuum S9 pro, mattress vacuum MC05, robotic vacuum X1, and Wet & Dry Vacuum E20. Puppyoo’s exciting product line-up wowed visitors who were impressed with their advanced technology and modern ergonomic styling. Puppyoo has been dedicated to vacuum technology for over 23 years, and their products are currently sold in 86 countries worldwide.

Puppyoo IFA 展台

Europe represents the third largest home-appliance market in the world, with vacuum cleaners the top choice among consumers. In 2021, sales of home appliances in Europe through Amazon grew a strong 13% reaching 76.3 billion EUR. Germany, with a vacuum cleaner penetration rate of 97%, is a top consumer of household appliances in Europe and represents a vital market for Puppyoo, and the key launching point for promotion and growth in the region. The IFA event was a natural choice for Puppyoo to establish their European footprint— established in 1924, the IFA is one of the oldest and most respected consumer electronics industry events in the world. Puppyoo’s participation will no doubt help grow the brand in Germany, while the company also looks to bring their exciting and innovative products to other key markets in Europe. 

At the IFA, Puppyoo showed off several of their most advanced products with a spotlight on their premium vacuums— the T12 Plus Rinse (which has won the German Red Dot Design Award) and the new T16. At 585 watts, the power coming from the T12 Plus Rinse is undeniable. It also comes with a long-lasting battery life and in energy-saving mode can operate for approximately 70 minutes. The T12 Plus Rinse also has three cleaning modes which are max, auto, and eco, and is equipped with an assortment of brushes that are easy to change and install. The functions and accessories make sure that users can easily achieve a deep-clean in their homes without complications or fuss. The T12 Plus Rinse is also equipped with a 6-stage filtration system to ensure dust isn’t kicked-up during use, and the home’s indoor air quality stays fresh and pure. The new T16 model on display boasts more potent suction power and an even longer battery-life. Unlike its predecessors, the T16 comes with a replaceable battery pack which can double its run-time. Puppyoo is expected to officially launch the T16 by the end of this year.

Puppyoo has a long history of product-innovation and unique designs, which is a testament to their commitment to research and development over the past 23 years. Puppyoo has mastered three core vacuum cleaner technologies: motors, air ducts, and smart sensors, and has been granted an incredible 1052 patents. They have also won 283 industry awards for their pioneering innovations and product designs. Puppyoo sees consumer electronics becoming more and more vital to people’s everyday lives, and strives to emphasize the dynamic and interaction between their products and users— while also providing intuitive and super-intelligent functionality. An example of this functionality are Puppyoo’s specially designed infrared sensors that can detect the amount of dust in the air and automatically adjust machine power. 

In recent years, the SDA (small domestic appliance) industry has seen steady growth, however from a long-term perspective, consistent problems and inconsistencies in after-sales systems hinder industry development and work to erode consumer trust. In-line with their “Customer First” maxim, in 2014 Puppyoo launched a groundbreaking after-sales model for SDAs called “Puppyoo Central Repairs”— where customers enjoy stress-free after-sales services where products are sent to the central repair facilities and delivered back directly to the buyer. Customers also don’t need to be concerned with liability for product issues, as all repairs during the warranty period are free with “no-questions-asked”.

With increased development in innovation, technology, and user experience the SDA market will continue to evolve in the future. Puppyoo’s commitment to a “Customer First” approach, unparalleled innovation, and sparing no effort to ensure an exceptional product experience will ensure strong demand and steady growth for the brand in Germany and other regions in Europe in the future. 

About Puppyoo

Puppyoo, founded in 1999, adheres to the brand mission of “providing the best vacuum cleaners to families around the world”. For 23 years, Puppyoo has been committed to R&D and innovation in the vacuum cleaner field, having been granted 1052 patents and winning 283 awards worldwide, including the Red Dot and iF Design awards. The company has mastered the three core technologies of vacuum cleaners: motors, air ducts, and smart sensors. Its product quality is far ahead of the industry average and its vacuums are sold in 86 countries. In addition, Puppyoo actively supports communities, having founded the Puppyoo Foundation, and launched the “CHEN’AI initiative” in 2017, which has helped hundreds of poor children return to school.

For more information, please visit our website: http://www.puppyoo.com