Leading the future of autonomous driving! LG Innotek Made Successful Debut at CES 2023

First open exhibition at CES … More than 20,000 visitors LG Innotek’s innovative technology synergy for optics solution, electric components highlighted in autonomous driving Recording client meetings doubled compared to the previous year

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LG Innotek (CEO Jeong Cheol-dong) had a successful open exhibition debut at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023, held in Las Vegas, USA. LG Innotek expects that this CES will be an opportunity to increase its global brand awareness significantly.

LG Innotek’s open booth in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) was crowded with visitors from the opening hours on the first day of the CES event on January 5.

LG Innotek has participated in CES with a closed exhibition to introduce products only to specific clients until this year. This is the first time LG Innotek displayed various innovative products related to optics solution, substrate & material, and electric components for general visitors.

More than 20,000 visitors visited LG Innotek’s booth during the CES exhibition.

The autonomous driving vehicle mock-up installed in the booth’s center caught the attention of not only those in the related industry but also general visitors passing by. In particular, the mock-up displaying 16 electric component types for autonomous driving vehicles according to the positions where they are actually mounted confirmed LG Innotek’s competitiveness as a total solution provider for electric components for future vehicles.

Visitors paid attention to the synergistic effect of LG Innotek’s core technologies, such as optics solution, substrate & material and electric components, converging for autonomous driving.

The Sensor Fusion solution, exhibited for the first time this year, is a typical example. The solution that converges the camera module developed with LG Innotek’s global leading optical technology and know-how and the radar module applying the state-of-the-art electric part technology detects objects accurately even in bad weather. As it is expected to play a decisive role in securing safety, which is crucial for fully autonomous driving, it was an opportunity for LG Innotek to prove its technological competitiveness as a leading company for the future autonomous driving.

Moreover, substrate & material products, such as the flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) and Power solution for sustainable energy, another focus of the exhibition booth, were introduced for general visitors to recognize LG Innotek’s strategy of advancing its business portfolio to secure future growth engines.

The visitors also remarked that they learned the principles and importance of hidden components in products, such as smartphones, that global consumers use in everyday life.

“We wanted to convey the message that components determine future innovative products by taking out and displaying parts in smartphones and automobiles that were not normally exposed,” said Min John, Vice President of Product Strategy Division, who planned this exhibition.

LG Innotek positioned experiential exhibitions in various places to help visitors better understand the displayed components.

In the case of FC-BGA, which was the hot topic of the booth along with the autonomous driving mock-up, visitors could complete the FC-BGA substrate by stacking blocks themselves. It was an opportunity for the visitor to intuitively understand LG Innotek’s high multi-layer and highly-integrated substrate technology. “I was impressed that even non-experts could easily understand the principles of semiconductor substrate technology, which the general public find difficult, by playing a game,” Mr. Laurent Canal, who came from France to visit the CES exhibition, said.

Securing potential clients is another positive outcome of the first open exhibition. “The number of meetings with customers that have already been confirmed even before the exhibition started has more than doubled compared to previous years. Moreover, we had more than 100 ad hoc meetings arranged in the booth, confirming that CES would play a positive role in securing potential clients and expanding orders,” an LG Innotek official said.

“This CES served as an important opportunity to reveal LG Innotek’s high-tech competitiveness to the world. We intend to continue to focus on creating differentiated customer values as the leading global material & component company,” said CEO Jeong Cheol-dong.

Visitors to LG Innotek’s open booth in the West Hall of the LVCC are looking at the products on display on January 6 (local time), the second day of CES 2023.

About LG Innotek Co.,Ltd.

LG Innotek is a cutting-edge materials and components manufacturer and an affiliate of the LG group. The company’s business units include core components for mobile, automotive, display, semiconductor, and IoT products. Furthermore, the company has cooperated closely with the mobile devices, home appliances, and automotive companies, producing camera modules, automotive electronic components, wireless communication modules, and substrate materials.

LG Innotek is headquartered in Seoul, Korea and its sales subsidiaries are located in Germany, USA, Mainland China, Japan, and Taiwan with production subsidiaries in Mainland China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, and Poland. For more information, please refer to the website: www.lginnotek.com