Leading Organizations Prefer Spinnaker Support for Their Most Important Security Needs

For more than 5 years, companies have continued to trust Spinnaker Support’s comprehensive, tested, proven and unmatched security protection services.  Advanced security has always been embedded in Spinnaker services.

DENVER, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spinnaker Support is the steady force entrusted by companies worldwide to solve their most pressing and essential software needs — third-party support, managed services and consulting. Spinnaker’s combination of world class security experts, years of accumulated data & experience and cutting-edge techniques continue fueling advancements that protect clients from existing and emerging security threats.  Unlike some support providers’ recent attempts to offer security services for an additional fee, Spinnaker has always prioritized security, and its core services are immersed with cutting-edge security support.

Spinnaker knows security, its importance to organizations and what they need. Its clients recognize the company’s unique collaborative approach to identifying and protecting their systems from potential security threats and meet ongoing risk and compliance requirements. From ransomware to data breaches, hackers are targeting more organizations and widening vulnerability risks. According to Security Week, in 2021, more than twenty-eight thousand vulnerabilities were uncovered, and the average time to remediate the critical issues was 51 days. As attacks show no sign of slowing down, nearly 37% of global organizations said they were the victim of some form of ransomware attack in 2021 and globally saw a 105% increase in ransomware deployments.

Spinnaker’s best-in-class 7-Point Security solution uses a comprehensive and wide-reaching defense-in-depth approach, maximizing the use of custom-built strategies to meet the needs of each client’s system.  “With the rise in data breaches and the continuing evolution of data protection and privacy regulations, most organizations are challenged to keep current the security of their business-sensitive data and infrastructure” says Iain Saunderson, Chief Technology Officer at Spinnaker Support. “We have always been forward focused on security. Securing the applications and surrounding technologies of the clients we support is paramount, which is why we provide a refined multilayered, responsive Seven-Point Security solution, that is proven and unequaled in our served market.”

Given Spinnaker’s highly confidential work on sensitive security issues with clients, its policy does not allow public disclosure of company names, titles or location.  Clients feel this is another reason why Spinnaker is their preferred choice for security services. “It would take months for a patch to come in from our original software vendor, leaving our system vulnerable to attack. Spinnaker Support showed us multiple alternative approaches to controlling the vulnerability rather than waiting on a patch,” executive, major industrial manufacturer.

Spinnaker Support deploys a lifecycle security approach that starts with a layered, defense-in-depth posture, followed by a proactive approach to future-proof environments through proven and industry accepted hardening techniques and compensating controls.


Spinnaker Support’s 7-point security is broken out into three pillars, which help to future-proof security through:

Discover & Harden: Custom Risk Review – An audit and risk review for systems. Attack Surface Reduction- Advice and guidance on where the attack surface can be reduced. Compliance Audit Support – Consultative services designed to adjust audit controls. Security Incident Response: Vulnerability Support – Compensating controls to eliminate security risk. Security Resource Library – Educational materials on a wide range of security topics, including solution briefs and hardening guides Threat Intelligence: Proactive Security Tooling – Portfolio of security products. Risk Assessment Bulletin – Publish periodic email bulletins and alerts on new vulnerabilities immediately as they are announced.

“Security is integral to our operations. This philosophy is embedded in how we support our clients and deliver security solutions designed for unique applications and systems” said Matt Stava, CEO, Spinnaker Support. “We have been investing in our client’s security and compliance with the same exacting standards that we apply to our own operations.”

“After relying on patches for years, leaving our original software vendor was a bit scary, but Spinnaker Support put those worries to rest with their hands on and comprehensive approach to security.” executive, Utilities Industry.

Spinnaker Support is a trusted partner that brings valued experience and cutting-edge leadership through a holistic approach to mitigate and remediate risk through the 7-Point Security Solution.

More Information:

For more on the 7-Point Security Solution, visit: https://www.spinnakersupport.com/third-party-support/security-vulnerability/

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