Leading Luxury Platform SENSER Expands to the US, Marking a Major Step in Global Strategy

NEW YORK, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A new powerhouse in global luxury retail, SENSER, is making its debut in North America. SENSER is one of the most influential luxury shopping platforms and leading force in fashion e-commerce. Currently, the SENSER app serves over 2 million high-net-worth customers, offering an unparalleled luxury fashion experience. In just a few years, SENSER has revolutionized the fashion industry, attracting significant attention and securing substantial funding from various prestigious institutions. Now, SENSER is officially entering the US market, bringing a brand-new luxury shopping experience to American consumers.

In 2023, SENSER announced the appointment of Mr. Francesco Tombolini, the former EVP of ARMANI, the former Digital Director of GUCCI, and the President of CBI, as the Head of SENSER’s Global Advisory Board.

In early 2024, SENSER officially announced its strategic focus on the US market as the next stage of its global expansion, committed to bringing an enhanced fashion consumption experience to American consumers.

INTRAMIRROR LIMITED has launched SENSER, now recognized as one of the world’s leading luxury fashion e-commerce platforms. Known for its exceptional two-stage logistics experience, SENSER ensures top-tier service for fashion enthusiasts globally. The app partners with over 2,500 brand counters across 60 countries, offering a curated selection of more than 500,000 luxury items.

Since its inception, the SENSER app has quickly garnered a loyal user base exceeding 2 million. In its first year alone, SENSER outperformed established e-commerce giants in numerous countries and regions. The app continued its rapid growth throughout 2023, displaying a promising trend of become the premier choice for fashion consumers. This remarkable success is driven by SENSER’s deep integration and meticulous operations within the global luxury supply chain. The app offers a more comprehensive and extensive product ecosystem than its competitors, boasting an unrivaled number of SKUs and exceptional supply chain capabilities.

Additionally, all SENSER products are shipped directly from European boutiques, allowing consumers to purchase their desired items at 30-60% off retail prices while enjoying a VIP-level professional fashion service experience, similar to that of physical stores.

Leveraging its digital supply chain platform, SENSER empowers major overseas fashion department stores and luxury counters with digital capabilities. Driven by technology, it seamlessly brings luxury goods from fashion malls worldwide to the online sphere. It is worth mentioning that SENSER has also established a dynamic logistics tracking system to solve various uncertainties in cross-border transportation. For instance, if an order experiences any delays beyond a predetermined timeframe, the platform will conduct targeted investigations and provide real-time updates to the user, ensuring the reliability and transparency of the logistics experience.

Recognizing the highly personalized nature of luxury consumption, the SENSER app has introduced the role of “online fashion consultants”. The app intelligently matches users with dedicated fashion advisors and provides personalized service throughout the shopping process. These services include pre-ordering the new season styles, custom styling advice, pre-sales product recommendations, global sourcing, international logistics tracking, and customized return and exchange programs. For core users, these “fashion consultants” maintain ongoing relationships, providing tailored support and guidance.

Today, this successful model is set to open a new door to luxury shopping for American consumers.The SENSER app will offer over 500,000 items, including both luxury brands and designer brands at prices ranging from 30% to 70% off US retail prices. This significantly expands consumer choices, allowing both classic enthusiasts and trendsetters to discover their perfect finds.

SENSER is more than just a shopping platform; it is also an advocate of a unique lifestyle. To celebrate the grand opening of the US market, SENSER APP has launched special discounts for new users, covering iconic brands such as Chanel, LV, MiuMiu and Prada. The scale of the event is unprecedented, and hundreds of thousands of items can enjoy subsidized prices, which fully reflects SENSER’s emphasis on the US market.

Authenticity Guarantee and quality assurance remains SENSER’s core value. All its products are carefully selected from European boutiques and are rigorously certified by CCIC before reaching the consumer. This guarantees the authenticity and excellent quality of each luxury item, allowing customers to enjoy the discount price at the same time, but also have the same shopping experience as the physical store – thoughtful and privileged.

SENSER’s expansion into the US marks a significant milestone in its internationalization strategy, injecting fresh vitality into the American luxury market. With highly competitive prices, a diverse selection of fashion items and strict quality control from source to end consumer, SENSER is poised to lead a revolution in luxury consumption. It empowers every consumer in pursuit of a better life to enjoy the allure of global luxury while experiencing a more convenient, secure, and cost-effective shopping experience.