Lavorro and BISTelligence enter into a Strategic Product Distribution and Support Agreement

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lavorro, a leading technology, product and service company, is pleased to announce its strategic Distribution and Support Agreement with BISTelligence for deploying and supporting Lavorro software products on the Semiconductor Tools and in the Fabs.

Lavorro’s comprehensive suite of on-prem solutions represents a paradigm shift in the industry, offering optimization of tool performance, as well as enhancing fab uptime and availability by fully leveraging expertise and cross-tool data sets. Suppliers can also substantially reduce cost by controlling labor and travel budgets, driving operational efficiency, and improving the bottom line. Lavorro’s “Lucy” is a tool side Virtual Assistant for natural text queries. Data Broker enables tool-to-tool collaboration and rapid identification of cross tool dependencies. Lavorro’s team includes experts in Fab-wide Yield Management; on-tool application products, AI/ML and data science experts. BISTelligence is a leading supplier of AI analytics solutions and services for industrial manufacturers with two decades of domain expertise with leading companies world-wide. BISTeilligence will distribute and support Lavorro solutions in Asia-Pacific region, utilizing its strong customer base and proven technology and domain expertise for high-tech manufacturing industries.

“BISTelligence is a leader in advanced analytics on tools and resources in the fab. Lavorro’s products add tool side expertise to complement their portfolio and expand opportunities for fully leveraging tool and fab data. We are pleased to have BISTelligence as a partner given their decades of experience supporting engineers in the Fab, both in the tool side and Fab wide,” Ankush Oberoi, PhD, President and CEO of Lavorro.

“Lavorro’s team brings revolutionary AI/ML enabled technology along with data sciences to address problems right at the tool-side so critical wafer through-put and production impacting issues can be resolved at the Tool side rather than propagating downstream causing expensive wafer scrap” says WK Choi, President of BISTelligence. 

“Lavorro’s highly advanced and innovative Virtual Assistant and Data Broker solutions are a game changer for semiconductor manufacturing. We are delighted to announce this partnership with Lavorro in which we will bring the unmatched value of the Lavorro-BISTelligence portfolio to semiconductor tool vendors and fabs” commented Albert Lee, CEO of BISTelligence.

This partnership between Lavorro and BISTelligence is a win-win for semiconductor manufacturing as it combines unique tool and tool-to-tool software capability with a proven distribution and support network of semiconductor fab experts.