Launch of FlexRule® Academy to offer free upskilling and training Missions on Decision Management and Automation

MELBOURNE, Australia, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FlexRule® announces the launch of FlexRule® Academy, its free online learning portal for decision management and automation to upskill and train professionals in any field and industry to master decision-making skills. These Missions enable enthusiasts to learn how to frame business decisions, manage them, and automate repeating business decisions effectively and efficiently. It covers concepts from fundamentals to advanced decision techniques like decision modeling, custom integration, business logic modeling, etc. The Missions are designed and provided by leading industry experts in decision management and automation.

FlexRule® Academy follows an interactive learning mode with the pathway – choose a Mission and get started, complete the Mission, and earn a free certificate. It has features like a progress tracker, additional resources, and quizzes.

”Our mission is to empower all the leaders – business, technology, and operation leaders to improve the speed and quality of key business decisions in any changing environments,” says Arash Aghlara, CEO of FlexRule®.

On the hands-on Missions, learners can access the FlexRule X platform, the latest Next-Gen Advanced Decision management and automation platform, to practice the related Modules and Topics in action. As FlexRule® Academy covers theoretical and practical topics in decision management and automation, accessing the platform and practicing hands-on will give learners an edge. Furthermore, FlexRule® offers free access to the support team for all learners to provide the best support when needed.

About FlexRule®:

FlexRule® is founded to empower all business, operation, and technology leaders to improve the speed and quality of key business decisions in a changing environment.

FlexRule® provides full-stack decision management and automation platform as well as a methodology called DECISION-CENTRIC APPROACH® to guide organizations through the journey of adapting to changing business requirements effectively and efficiently. With an innovative and future-thinking approach, the FlexRule® platform and its methodology reduce the complexity of decision-making technologies and makes them more accessible to all leaders in the organization.


FlexRule® Academy:

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