LASFIT AIR Unwraps Festive Delights: Christmas Campaign and Innovative Tire Inflator Choices

Inflating with Confidence, Journey without Worries. LASFIT AIR is taking the innovation in air inflation technology.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Embracing the festive cheer, LASFIT AIR, the dynamic sub-brand specialising in air inflation technology of LASFIT, joyfully announced its Christmas campaign on December 5th, offering exclusive benefits for customers. Since the brand was born, it has enriched its innovative product lineup with TK1 AirMaster Tire Inflator for Off-Road, CR1 40s Fast Tire Inflator for Cars and BM1 Mini Tire Inflator for Riders.

LASFIT AIR, A Trusted Air Inflator Partner in Your Journey.

1. Subscribers Delight: 10% OFF Code

To kick off the season of giving, LASFIT AIR introduces an exciting subscription offer. During the campaign, new subscribers will receive an exclusive 10% OFF discount code, extending a warm welcome to new users and adding an extra sprinkle of joy to their festive shopping.

2. Festive Shopping Guide Extravaganza

In the spirit of the season, LASFIT AIR unwraps a dedicated Christmas-themed landing page – a delightful shopping guide. Highlighting products tailored to various scenarios, this guide is not just about products. It’s a festive journey. Exclusive Christmas discounts are unveiled, enticing users to explore and experience different scenarios like off-road, city and riding.

3. Order & Win: Christmas Lottery

Every order placed on the official website during the campaign automatically enters customers into an exciting Christmas lottery. Prizes include cash rewards, free orders, and official gift cards, turning every purchase into a chance for an extra holiday surprise.

Innovations in Tire Inflators: A Trio of Choices

TK1 AirMaster Tire Inflator for Off-Road: Your Trusted Travel Companion

Revolutionising air inflation, TK1 AirMaster Tire Inflator stands as a symbol of reliability. With 24mm dual cylinder technology, it delivers X3 faster inflation and makes TK1 small in size yet strong. TK1 AirMaster Tire Inflator guarantees confidence whether on family road trips or conquering untamed trails.

BM1 Mini Tire Inflator for Riders: Compact Powerhouse for Riders

Tailored for riders and biking enthusiasts, BM1 Mini Tire Inflator is a compact powerhouse. Its portable design ensures you’re always prepared, and its efficiency ensures quick inflation, letting you focus on the ride.

CR1 40s Fast Tire Inflator for Cars: Swift Inflation, Anywhere!, Anytime, Anywhere

With a compact design, powerful 150 PSI pressure, and rapid 36L/min airflow, it ensures precise inflation in under a minute, redefining convenience for car owners on the go. Ideal for cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles, excluding tires larger than 255mm and trucks.

These innovations align seamlessly with LASFIT AIR’s commitment to providing versatile, reliable, and innovative solutions, transforming the brand into a trusted companion for all journeys.

This Christmas, LASFIT AIR invites customers to not only celebrate the season but to explore and embrace the spirit of innovation, safety, and outdoor exploration. Discover more about the Christmas campaign and explore the trio of innovative tire inflators at LASFIT AIR Christmas Campaign and LASFIT AIR Products. More on the campaign page.

LASFIT AIR, A Trusted Air Inflator Partner in Your Journey.

LASFIT AIR, A Trusted Air Inflator Partner in Your Journey.

LASFIT AIR is a sub-brand of LASFIT, a prominent player in the automotive accessories industry since 2015. LASFIT AIR is dedicated to revolutionising air inflation technology and providing dependable solutions to enhance the safety and convenience of travellers during their journeys. With a commitment to innovation and user-centric design, LASFIT AIR aims to be the trusted companion for all your adventures. More about LASFIT AIR by link.