Large Display Expert Optoma Expands with New-gen Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panels

TAIPEI, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Optoma, the leading large display expert for over two decades, in 2022 is announcing its expansion with the new-gen Creative Touch interactive flat panels. Led with Optoma 5862RK, the 86-inch model, the new series is designed for the next-generation smart classrooms and meeting spaces. Powered by Android 9.0 and Quad-core CPU, with 4K UHD resolution, and built-in applications for smart whiteboard, wireless casting, and cloud management, Optoma Creative Touch interactive flat panels provide the best-in-class solution for distanced learning and business, especially in the post-pandemic era.

Optoma’s New-gen Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panel Series

The 86-inch Optoma 5862RK flat panel is dedicated to create the ultimate interactive experiences. On board with Optoma’s unique applications such as Creative Board, Creative Cast Pro, and File Manager, through cloud-based services, it has enabled distanced and wireless collaboration. With the Internet connection, Optoma 5862RK also allows one-to-many and many-to-one interactions in between interactive flat panels, or between an interactive flat panel and multiple mobile devices. Users from different locations or countries can easily collaborate and interact with each other in real-time. And compliant with regulations such as GDPR, FERPA, and COPPA, Optoma is making sure that online security and privacy protection are enforced when using the interactive flat panels.

Optoma 5862RK also come with a highly intuitive and user-friendly design. Featuring the latest touch panel technology, it provides the natural and fluid writing experience that is beyond comparison. Combining the Quick-draw pen and programmable pen holder, it also allows users to quickly activate Creative Board, or to start annotation mode. Through the sidebar menu, users can easily access to features such as annotation and online interactive platform. In between the built-in applications, files and documents can be cross-referenced, allowing a more versatile and dynamic presentation.

For users with the need for IT management, for example in schools or in corporate, Optoma 5862RK is integrated with Optoma Management Suite (OMS). With OMS, IT managers or administrators can monitor, diagnose, and control not only interactive flat panels, but also projectors and other large displays, from a single platform and location, making IT management more energy and cost efficient.

“Optoma in recent years has been working on expanding its product lines with more advanced technology,” said Mr. Gordon Wu, the Head of Optoma APAC. “And the expansion is not only about hardware development, but about the development of a total solution that incorporates the hardware and the software, and the integration with cloud-based services. With the launch of Optoma Creative Touch interactive flat panels, we have realized such solution, creating a highly versatile, online collaborative platform for business and education.”

Optoma Creative Touch interactive flat panels are now available in Taiwan and Asia Pacific regions. For product inquiry, please contact Optoma’s regional sales representatives.

Optoma 5862RK Key Features

Crisp visuals with 4K UHD resolution, anti-glare glass, ambient light sensor and cTUVus Eye Comfort Certification for Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Embedded Android 9.0 system with cutting-edge Quad-core CPU Enhanced fluid writing and interactive features with Creative Board Creative Cast Pro for wireless collaboration Built-in File Manager app to easily access all documents Easy access to AirShare, online audience participation toolkit Compatible with Optoma Management Suite (OMS)

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