LapSafe® are taking the Australian market by storm

ADELAIDE, Australia, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Essex based company LapSafe® self-service solutions LTD, are taking the Australian market by storm! In 2019, Education Sales Manager took his most recent trip to Australia to showcase LapSafe® at the EduTECH International Congress & Expo, in June 2019. This allowed LapSafe® to meet with current and new customers leading to an expansion in Australia.

Diplomat™ Self-Service Lockers at TAFE SA

LapSafe® provide lockers and trolleys to make device loaning simple. Students having access to devices on campus became popular in the UK education sector and is on the rise in the Australian market.

Since their last visit to Australia in 2019 approximately 780 bays have been added. The first site in Australia was TAFE SA, they now own 504 bays across 12 installs being the largest self- service offering site in Australia.

The most recent site that is set to be installed in 2022 is TAFE NSW, entering with an exciting 216 bays with plans to further expand in the future. With this site in mind, LapSafe® currently have installed in ten sites across Australia offering their Diplomat Self-Service lockers.

The purpose of the smart lockers is to introduce technology to students without worry of needing to own or transport devices. The lockers are designed to make device loans easy to manage, allowing users to borrow devices at any time without the need for staff to oversee the loaning due to the simplicity.

In recent years, 70% of UK universities have chosen to automate their manual loan service and of these 94% have installed LapSafe® solution.  When asked whether automating their laptop loan system had improved their service, 97% of universities said yes!

The smart lockers operate with a smart charging system, meaning the best-charged device is always deployed first, allowing users access to a fully charged device whenever they need, allowing them to work from anywhere.

Since 2019, many customers expanded their installations highlighting the satisfaction universities are getting from the self-service solution. With the support available in Australia, LapSafe® are excited to expand current sites and enter new sites in the future, and hopefully exhibit at more conferences!

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Note to editors:

Based in Colchester, England, LapSafe® Self-Service Solutions Ltd is the market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of storage and charging solutions for devices in volume. LapSafe® designed and manufactured the UK’s first-ever laptop storage and charging trolley in 2003 and has almost twenty years of experience in providing safe, secure and technologically advanced mobile ICT storage and charging solutions to the education and commercial sectors. Charging and storage cabinets from LapSafe® can safely charge multiple mobile ICT devices and provide complete mobile IT solutions to organisations requiring automated data transfer and wireless access. The charging trolleys protect against theft and allow equipment to be transported throughout a building, office or school. A range of intelligent and sophisticated charging lockers that allow users to borrow a device without staff interaction For more information, please contact [email protected]