Laifen Debuted at IFA 2022

HONG KONG, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From September 2 to 6, the five-day IFA 2022 was being held at Berlin Convention and Exhibition Center, Germany. Laifen participated in it together with more than 2000 other companies.

As the popularizer of high-speed hair dryers, Laifen debuted this year, bringing its products to IFA and to the world. Laifen Swift, Swift Special, Laifen Salon Professional model and the upcoming model along with the accessories gathered at the Laifen booth to show global users Laifen’s technological power and product power.

Laifen Ifa

At IFA, with its fashionable but simple appearance and various functions, Laifen attracted lots of visitors stopping to try it out and was highly rated by both the consumers and agents.

After spending more than 730 days on technical research and development, Laifen has successfully put into use the core technology of high-speed hair dryers — a high-speed brushless motor, reaching a rotation speed of 110,000 rpm, which subverted traditional hair dryers. The sophisticated motor is capable of producing a wind speed of more than 22 m/s. Compared with traditional hair dryers, Laifen makes “blowing” hair dry a reality through high-speed wind rather than “heating” hair dry with high temperatures. The drying efficiency doubles at least which mean the blowing time to get your hair dry can be reduced by half at least. The noise is as low as 59db, thanks to the rigorous design of the components and optimization of the air duct system. Laifen is loaded with a high-quality anion generator releasing high-concentration anions (200 million level) which neutralize the positive charges of the hair during the middle and late stage of the drying process, making the dried hair more soft and smooth.

Laifen, with its cutting-edge products, has made great achievements in this IFA exhibition, becoming immensely popular with overseas customers and demonstrating to the world Laifen’s great product power. Laifen has always been adhering to its brand concept of “let cutting-edge technology be incorporated into the daily life of people”, continuing to innovate and constantly expanding the product matrix so as to provide users with an excellent experience with a safer and more intelligent product.

About Laifen

Founded in 2019, Laifen is located in Hong Kong, China and its founder, Hongxin Ye, is committed to promoting the popularity of high-speed hair dryers and bringing cutting-edge technology into the lives of the masses. With rich experience dealing with motor technology and structural innovation, Laifen has 26 Patents, passed hundreds of professional tests, and has been granted Patents in the US and EU