Laconic Partners with Emsurge to Provide the Carbon Market A Single Source for Carbon Pricing Data

–Emsurge’s Daily Pricing Data Will Be Integrated with Laconic’s SADAR™ NCM Data Management and Interchange Platform–

CHICAGO and LONDON, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Laconic Infrastructure Partners Inc. (Laconic), announced today a data integration partnership with Emsurge Limited (Emsurge) for providing daily carbon market data to Laconic SADAR™ Natural Capital Monetization (NCM) customers.

Through the partnership, Laconic SADAR™ NCM subscribers will have access to live wholesale carbon pricing including anonymous daily bids, ask, and last-traded pricing on any voluntary carbon credits. With continuous updates from Emstream broker clients to the Emsurge data stream, Laconic customers have real-time price discovery, trading, and valuation data at their fingertips within a single platform. The SADAR™ NCM platform provides the much-needed structured information interchange required for carbon markets to function properly at scale.

By integrating carbon pricing data, Laconic SADAR™ NCM subscribers can assess the valuation of both complete portfolios and individual constituent positions. Subscribers can also use the SADAR™ NCM watch-list functionality to automate pre-trade diligence activities to take advantage of transient market conditions.

“Laconic’s SADAR™ NCM platform provides participants with a much needed, trusted analysis of the accuracy and transparency of data. Emsurge’s pricing data feed will give Laconic’s customers actionable insights to make more informed investment decisions,” said Melissa Lindsay, CEO and Founder, Emsurge Limited.

“The integration of Emsurge’s pricing data represents Laconic’s continuous commitment to eliminating market friction and enabling carbon trading at scale for our customers. The SADAR™ NCM platform, where all carbon project data is in one place, verified and immutable, builds the trust that is needed for institutional scale market activity,” said Andrew Gilmour, Laconic Co-Founder and CEO.

Emsurge is the latest carbon market participant to join Laconic’s mission to deliver accurate environmental intelligence, tools, and insights. This enables governments, corporations, and financial institutions to engage equitably in seamless data interchange so that carbon instruments can be traded at scale in global financial markets.

About Emsurge Limited
Emsurge is a UK-based SaaS company, digitalizing traditionally opaque brokered environmental product markets. Through its partnership with Emstream brokers, Emsurge captures live market data from hundreds of carbon projects around the world looking to sell on the spot or on a forward basis. Founded in 2018 alongside Emstream, the two companies help scale climate finance through the building of crucial digital market infrastructure demanded by the voluntary carbon market. Emsurge has facilitated the trade of over 10 million tonnes of carbon and has over 130 companies and 350 projects listed on the platform.

About Laconic
Laconic delivers accurate environmental intelligence, data management tools, and geospatially-fused insights that enable governments, corporations, and financial institutions to engage fairly in data interchange activities that facilitate open and compliant capital markets activity in carbon-linked instruments.

Founded in 2019, the company is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Toronto, London, Singapore, and Bali. For more information, please visit

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