Laconic Announces $357 Million USD 10-Year Environmental Intelligence Contract with Perusda Bali

— Deploying its novel SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform, Laconic provides comprehensive Environmental Intelligence Services across Bali

CHICAGO, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Laconic Infrastructure Partners Inc. (Laconic), a leading global environmental intelligence and sustainable-growth solution provider, today announced that it has entered into a ten-year $357 Million USD contract with Perusda Bali, a Balinese provincial government-owned enterprise, to provide comprehensive Environmental Intelligence, Natural Capital Monetization, and Regenerative Ecoculture services across the island of Bali.

Deploying its SADAR™ (Sentient All-Domain Augmented Response) Decision-Enabling Platform, Laconic will monitor and monetize the complete extents, conditions, stocks, and flows of Bali’s carbon sequestering natural capital assets, as well as comprehensively documenting, characterizing, and validating ongoing additionality activities on the island.

Using the Multi-Variate Biologic Informatics (MVBI) capabilities of the SADAR™ platform, Laconic will also support Bali’s adoption of large-scale organic & regenerative agriculture practices, including the monitoring, characterization, and validation of a pioneering program to eliminate rice-straw burning at scale across the island.

“Laconic’s unique approach to decarbonisation, along with the company’s understanding of Bali’s culture and ecology, make them the ideal solution provider,” said Dr. Wayan Koster, Governor of Bali. “We believe the use of environmental monitoring technology to support the regeneration of the land will lead to a sustainable future for Bali and its people as laid-out in the Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali vision.”

“This initiative developed by the Balinese Government is at the vanguard of global climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts, as it demonstrates how leveraging insights extracted from the surrounding environment can unleash transformative economic growth without the ecological sacrifices of traditional regional development paradigms,” said Andrew Gilmour, CEO of Laconic. 

“This pioneering program of insight-driven sustainable development has the potential to increase the Balinese GDP by $10 Billion USD over the next 20 years, as well as generating as much as $500 Million USD of Carbon Credits for the Provincial Government of Bali over the same period,” continued Andrew Gilmour, CEO of Laconic. “Laconic is committed to working with Bali to leverage the latest advances in sensing and informatics technologies in facilitating its’s unique vision for sustainable development in harmony with the surrounding environment.”

With Laconic’s NatureWorks, a research center and regenerative farm in Cemagi, Bali, this initiative is a continuation of the company’s commitment to working with local stakeholders to sustainably develop the “Island of the Gods” while preserving its cultural and ecological heritage.

In accordance with Laconic’s mandate as a public benefit corporation, the company anticipates creating over 300 new jobs for Balinese citizens, as well as significantly expanding its existing innovative training and outreach programs for farmers at the Cemagi learning center.

About SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform
SADAR™ (Sentient All-Domain Augmented Response) is an advanced decision-enabling platform that addresses the complex interdependencies between global ecology, economy and security in ways that improve the quality of human life and help ensure the continued sustainability of economic activity on Earth.

SADAR’s technology stack fuses remote sensing technologies, human observation and intelligence, AI/ML informatics and predictive modelling based on timely and reliable data stores. Together, these data technologies enable businesses, governments and NGOs to understand complex and fluid situations and to make intelligent, profitable and benevolent decisions in real time. From infinite complexity, workable solutions for problems as diverse as regional food security, decarbonization initiatives, financial compliance obligations, and habitat preservation can emerge.

About Laconic
Laconic provides business, government and NGOs with actionable insights to enable critical environmental decisions for sustainable growth. Our SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform uses state-of-the-art data gathering, analytics and geospatial technology that empowers organizations and governments to assess alternative scenarios and make ecologically sound business decisions based on multi-variant biologic informatics (MVBI). With our Outcome-As-A-Service model, we operate as a true partner to our clients, considering their unique needs and requirements in order to provide custom solutions to solve problems as diverse as regional food security, decarbonization initiatives, financial compliance obligations and habitat preservation. Founded in 2019, the company is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Toronto and Bali. For more information, please visit and

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