Kunlun Capital Helps Medical Companies Grow in the Long Run

BEIJING, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Yahui Zhou, the founding partner of Kunlun Capital, won the 36kr 2022 ” China 100 Best Investors Voted by Entrepreneurs ” award and Kunlun Capital won the 36kr 2022 ” China 100 Best Venture Capital Voted by Entrepreneurs ” award.

36kr, a Chinese media dedicated to serving China’s new economy players and focused on technology innovation and entrepreneurship, officially listed on NASDAQ on November 8, 2019 under the ticker symbol “KRKR.” 36Kr launched a survey of Venture Capital institutions in March this year to examine the comprehensive performance strength of institutional investors in the four dimensions of fundraising, investment, management and exit from 2018 to 2021 (3+1).

In addition to the institutional research, 36 Kr also collected feedback from 241 corporate founders in early June to finally select 36 Kr 2022 ” Best Venture Capital/Investors Voted by Entrepreneurs “.

Founded in 2015, Kunlun Capital focuses on investments in technology innovation companies and operates in a dual-currency model in USD and RMB.

As an investment institution helmed by entrepreneurs and overseas leaders who are still working at the frontline of entrepreneurship, Kunlun Capital focuses on user value, technology, product and data-driven innovative business models, and seeks out startup teams with globalization potential and localization capabilities by selecting the top companies in their areas. Focusing on technology innovation and emerging models, with an emphasis on growth and sustainability, Kunlun Capital continues to search for promising companies and provides comprehensive and practical support and assistance to entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring overseas markets and upgrading their strategies.

In recent years, Kunlun Investment has been deeply engaged in the medical field and invested in many outstanding medical companies such as Keya Medical, EdiGene, Cytek (NASDAQ:CTKB) and OBiO (688238).

Full-Life Technologies (“Full-Life”), which recently completed its $37 million (USD) Series A financing, is a typical example of Kunlun Capital’s presence in the medical field.

Full-Life Technologies Limited (“Full-Life”) is a fully integrated global radiotherapeutics company headquartered in Shanghai with operations in Europe. Its core platform seeks to attack the two core issues that exist in radiopharmaceuticals today including innovative translational & biology research platform targeting the radiopharma treatments of tomorrow. Full-Life comprised of a team of fast-moving entrepreneurs & scientists with demonstrated track record in life science company building as well as radioisotope research and clinical development. From Half-Life to Full-Life.

Full-Life’s discovery platform includes optimized single domain antibodies, peptides and linkers to radionuclides. Additionally, the Company pairs each development candidate with a theranostic nuclide to generate human PKPD data to guide patient selection, before administering therapeutic medicines.

Kunlun Capital expects that Full-Life can bring benefits to more cancer patients and promote the development of medical technology,and will also help more medical companies grow in the long run.