KTC to Showcase Cutting-Edge Smart Displays at CES 2024

Experience the Future of Display Technology with KTC Innovations at CES – Visit Booth [22840]

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst the vibrant innovation hub of CES 2024, KTC Technology (KTC) stands ready to redefine display technology. Join KTC at Booth 22840 for an exclusive glimpse into latest cutting-edge smart displays.

KTC’s Legacy at CES and What’s New for 2024

Building on KTC prior success at CES showcases, where KTC garnered acclaim for their fiercely competitive OLED and MiniLED gaming monitors, this year promises a new wave of technological marvels.

At CES 2024, KTC proudly presents a lineup of cutting-edge displays, including high-end flagship OLED monitors: G48P5S (48” 4K 138Hz OLED gaming monitor), G39S5 (39” 3440*1440p 240Hz 800R curved OLED gaming monitor), and the H32S17(32” 2K 165Hz 1500R curved gaming monitor) known for exceptional value.Also introducing the A32Q8, a 32-inch smart monitor like a TV for our desk, expanding innovative offerings.

KTC Monitor Range Round-Up

PDF: KTC Monitor Range Round-Up (3 mins read)

Adding to the spectacle, KTC introduces the H90 projector, boasting Netflix compatibility, along with the much-anticipated flagship display, the Go-to Smart Screen A32Q7 PRO (32” Mobile Smart Display).

Video: KTC 32″ SMART Display A32Q7 PRO – Your Go-to Screen For Living, Working, And Playing

Connect with KTC at CES 2024

KTC extends a warm invitation to industry professionals, media representatives, potential partners, gamers, and consumers alike to witness the future of smart displays at CES 2024. Visit KTC booth [22840] to explore the next generation of gaming and office monitors.

For partnership inquiries and appointments, please contact Selina at [email protected].

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More Info About KTC

KTC Technology (KTC) is a prominent manufacturer specializing in diverse display products, including tablets, TVs, smart displays, and monitors. Renowned for their KTC-branded line-up and collaborations with industry giants like NEC, Samsung, and ViewSonic, they deliver top-notch technology.

What Sets KTC Apart?

– Robust Productivity: With 6,000+ employees and 1,000+ R&D engineers across two smart manufacturing industrial parks in Shenzhen and Huizhou.

– Leading Technology: Long-term partnerships with industry leaders like ViewSonic, NEC, and Samsung, manufacturing models for them since 1995.

– Advancing Trends: Since 2021, KTC has introduced gaming monitors with cutting-edge tech and innovative designs, pioneering these features in price segment directly.

Mission: Offering monitors at competitive prices with superior specs or matching competition specs at lower prices, prioritizing consumer value.

KTC has launched into the US market officially, you can find them on Amazon, KTC website and YouTube channel. Experience KTC’s latest in display tech at Booth [22840] ! Join KTC for a hands-on look at cutting-edge smart displays. Dive into innovation and see firsthand what sets KTC products apart!

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