Korean SMBs with Metaverse Expertise Draw Global Attention

Korean ICT startups stand out with their products and technologies for metaverse and VR industry Entry into global markets is boosted by supports including ICTWOW, an integrated platform to match SMBs with global customers

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Looking for an ICT startup equivalents for BTS or Squid Game? Korean ICT startups are waiting to be found for their expertise on game, animation and other content creation.

Tested among cutting-edge Korean customers, they are ready to compete in global metaverse and virtual reality (VR) market. Their efforts are boosted by help from agencies such as National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), which runs World Online ICT show (ICTWOW, http://www.ictwow.com), an integrated digital platform to match these SMBs with potential global customers.

An online export conference on ICTWOW, which hosted in association with K-Metaverse Expo, recently held in Busan was among those events that strong Korean ICT companies could stand out.

XrisP, “Building spaces where the technology meets culture.”

XrisP provides new generation entertaining spaces by combining digital technologies and inspiring content.

Their amusement park-themed animated film “RollerCoaster Boy NORI” provided unique character assets, on which XrisP built on their new businesses such as digital kids’ café.

Their new product NORI Cube is a 4x4m size cube you can install in kids’ café or retail malls. Sensors embedded and videos projected on walls, you can play games or perform mission in immersive environment as if you’re in VR or metaverse.

Nori Cube XR room, an immersive interactive space by XrisP

AIDUS, “This 3D wireless controller put you in immersive environments.”

AIDUS produces 3D wireless mouse and game controller to offer new experiences for virtual reality (VR) and metaverse experiences. Nextick, their newest product is a joystick-shaped 3D wireless mouse with motion sensors embedded.

Nextick provides immersive shooter games experiences as it lets players aim and fire like they do with arcade games. It does not require additional components such as LED bars or cameras so it is compatible with any PCs or monitors. They offer Nextick SDKs for building arcade-level games on PCs and VR devices

Letsee, “Creating AR content in web environment.”

Letsee provides technology package that let you build Augmented Reality (AR) content in web environments.

WebAR SDS, their toolsets for developers lets you create AR content for mobile browsers with ease. Letsee Creator, an AR authoring tool helps you to create AR content with simple mouse click and drag and drop. No knowledge for AR development required. Created AR content can be immediately distributed through web servers.

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