Korean Product Marketplace ‘Gomi Mall’ 2.0 Launched

BANGKOK and SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gomi Corporation, a South Korean commerce company, has launched ‘Gomi Mall‘ 2.0, an e-commerce platform for purchasing Korean products in Thailand.

Gomi Mall, an e-commerce platform for purchasing Korean products in Thailand

Gomi Mall is an online marketplace where customers may purchase K-products in various categories ranging from beauty to dental, health, fashion, accessories, living, and food. Over 600 Korean brands, including MEDIAN, MEDICUBE, APRILSKIN, GREYGROUND, DENTIO, have joined the platform to meet Thai customers.

Gomi Corporation, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, directly signs sales contracts with Korean brands. The company then exports, imports, and clears customs from Korea to Thailand in order to sell only 100% genuine products to customers.

New features coming to Gomi Mall 2.0 include improved user interface and multi-language compatibility based on a visitor’s web browser settings. Gomi Mall accepts Thailand’s local payment methods, including mobile payment in much easier process. Customers can also easily track the delivery status of local courier services in Thailand, such as J&T Express.

At its branch office in Bangkok, Gomi provides a full CS solution. Customers can contact the customer service center and get a rapid response for any questions they have about products, orders, and delivery during their visit to Gomi Mall. Gomi operates a warehouse to ensure that customers can expect speedy shipping and have the option to simply return, exchange, or receive a refund for their ordered goods.

Gomi announced a major update to its branding strategy and company logo in conjunction with the launch of Gomi Mall 2.0. Customers will not just purchase Korean products at Gomi Mall; they will be introduced to a new cultural space to quickly gain insight into the latest trends in Korea and discover popular products. The company’s trademark bear character ‘GOMGOMI’ will be dressed in Thai clothing and will greet customers as an ambassador for Gomi Mall.

Meanwhile, Gomi plans to introduce a new product category to Gomi Mall beginning next year: Baby and kids. Various K-products for children, parents, and families will soon arrive at Gomi Mall to satisfy the needs of customers in Thailand. Gomi has recently signed an exclusive sales contract with ICONIX, a major Korean entertainment company, whose portfolio includes some popular animated TV series, including ‘Pororo the Little Penguin,’ ‘Tayo the Little Bus,’ and ‘Chiro and Friends.’ Customers will be able to purchase products featuring those well-known animated characters at Gomi Mall.