Korea Easy Payment Foundation – GLN International sign an agreement to establish QR payment infrastructure for foreign tourists visiting Korea

GLN to introduce cross-border QR payment from regions such as Taiwan, Thailand and Laos

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Korea Easy Payment Foundation (CEO Choi Tong-ju, hereinafter referred to as KEPF) signed an agreement with GLN International (CEO Kim Kyung-ho, hereinafter referred to as GLN) to introduce GLN cross-border QR payment.

This agreement aims to collaborate between ZeroPay with 1.72 million merchants and GLN International with global QR payment network, in order to activate domestic consumption of foreign tourists visiting Korea.

Two parties plan to promote the GLN’s cross-border QR payments from three main regions Laos, Thailand and Taiwan within this year and expand its coverage from other Southeast Asian countries and other regions.

KEPF’s CEO Choi Tong-ju said “We are willing to encourage foreign tourists to spend in Korea by adopting cross-border QR payment. In particular, Korea is a top destination for the region of Taiwan and Thailand tourists, and vice versa especially like to experience Korean food and lifestyle culture, which is expected to greatly help small medium size merchants and revitalize local economy.”

GLN International, spun off from Hana Bank for global payment network business, connects financial companies, distributors and merchants into a single network, providing services such as QR payments, QR withdrawals (ATM), and overseas remittance freely through mobile without limitation of national boundaries.

GLN’s CEO Kim Kyung-ho said “I am happy that foreign tourists visiting Korea will be able to use the ZeroPay QR merchants more conveniently. ZeroPay is a very important partner in realizing our strategy for global payment network expansion, starting with this agreement, we are planning to make a remarkable contribution to local economies and small medium enterprises.”