Kokuyo offers its unique products to the world through its new e-commerce website

The stationery brand explores new markets with the world renowned Japanese tools for organization in the office and home

TOKYO, Dec. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Japanese stationery brand Kokuyo has launched its global e-commerce website with the aim to expand its reach across the world. Kokuyo’s new website features their signature product Jibun Techo, Japanese for ‘Self Planner’, which offers fun and creative ways to organize a person’s life.

The Kokuyo Jibun Techo is a life planner designed to help users plan out their days throughout the year, set goals, and keep track of the progress they made. The more the Jibun Techo is used, the more each person can discover about themselves. As of 2021, more than a hundred thousand people in Japan have selected Kokuyo’s Jibun Techo as a lifelong partner for planning their years ahead.

The stationery brand, Kokuyo, explores new markets with the world renowned Japanese tools for organization in the office and home.

Kokuyo’s philosophy is to celebrate uniqueness. The products, such as the Jibun Techo, invite and celebrate the creative expression of individuals. In doing so, the Kokuyo team hopes to enrich the greater community as a whole. By launching our global e-commerce website, the Kokuyo team is enabling a larger, global group of individuals with the opportunity to express themselves through their products.

The products that Kokuyo brings to life are created to complement and enhance the rapid and ever-changing lifestyles of individuals. Over a span of over 100 years, the Kokuyo brand has become known for cultivating reliable, high quality products that meet the customer’s needs. In Japan, the Kokuyo brand has become widely recognized for offering products that are both functional and easily accessible. With the launch of the global e-commerce website, Kokuyo marks the beginning of a new journey of offering their products and sharing its philosophy with a global community. The e-commerce website is available in English and provides access to a 24/7 live chat with customer support.

About Kokuyo

Founded in 1905, Kokuyo started its business producing book covers for account ledgers. Over the course of its 117 years of history, the Kokuyo brand has grown by developing products and services fit for the changing needs of the customers. Now, Kokuyo comprises three business domains: office furniture, stationery and business supply distribution.

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