~The delegation led by the President of King’s University College is part of The Canadian Bureau for International Education’s (CBIE) larger mission to increase academic collaboration between the 2 nations ~

~ As part of the visit, King’s will announce a financial award of up to $32,000 CAD for Vietnamese students and also sign MoU’s with multiple universities in Vietnam in the fields of  social sciences, humanities, economics and laws as well as with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam, Oct. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In response to the soaring enthusiasm among Vietnamese students, King’s University College, under the guidance of President Dr. David C. Malloy, is embarking on a significant educational tour in Vietnam with stops in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. This strategic endeavour perfectly aligns with CBIE’s overarching mission to promote academic collaboration between Canada and Vietnam.

King’s University College Fall Campus

The delegation from King’s primary objective is to fortify existing relationships and forge new academic collaborations, signalling a promising stride toward strengthening cross-border academic bonds between the two nations. Esteemed representatives from King’s University College will actively engage in a series of initiatives during their visit to reinforce partnerships and cultivate fresh opportunities for collaboration.

Sharing his insights on the visit to Vietnam, Dr. David C. Malloy, President of King’s University College, remarked, “At King’s University College, we are deeply committed to strengthening our partnerships with Vietnam and contributing to the growth of the education sector. Apart from our educational mission, we recognize the immense potential within this market and view this opportunity to engage with prospective industry leaders.”

As part of the itinerary, the delegation will engage in productive discussions with academic leaders and government officials in Vietnam. Moreover, President Malloy is also set to announce the King’s International Student Award, a financial support initiative available to eligible Vietnamese applicants starting their study abroad journey with the university from all 2024 and beyond. The financial award has been designed to attract, encourage, and support Vietnamese students to pursue higher education in Canada, with a maximum value of $32,000 Canadian dollars over four years of full-time study at King’s.  

Dr. David C. Malloy further added, “This visit underscores King’s University College’s commitment to global engagement and its mission of providing students with a comprehensive education that equips them for a rapidly evolving world. The collaboration between King’s and Vietnamese institutions and industry bodies presents significant opportunities for students, faculty, and researchers, offering them access to diverse perspectives, knowledge, and resources. Furthermore, we firmly believe that our student financial award initiative is a significant step towards building the cross-border relations between the two nations, while improving the flux of talent, academic and cultural exchange.”

Complementing King’s University College’s commitment to advancing its global presence and strengthening international partnerships, the institution has introduced a specialized program, The King’s Promise, which guarantees participants a meaningful job within six months of graduation or they can return for a year of study for free. Designed to cater to the aspirations of Vietnamese students seeking higher education opportunities in Canada, King’s offers international work-study jobs on campus. With these initiatives in motion, the delegation is confident in the prospect of a mutually beneficial and productive exploration of the promising opportunities that lie ahead.