KEENON Robotics Introduces Autonomous Service Robot DINERBOT T9 to Buffet Brand QooQoo in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — KEENON Robotics, a leading global robotic service provider, recently announced the successful introduction of the KEENON DINERBOT T9 in collaboration with partner EVERYBOT, a domestic AI service robot specialist, to one of Korea’s leading sushi buffet franchises, QooQoo.


This collaboration demonstrates KEENON’s recognized technological prowess in the Korean market, strategically aligning with the trend of enhancing efficiency and service in the Korean food service industry. The introduction is expected to optimize restaurant efficiency while providing customers with more convenient service experiences.

The DINERBOT T9, implemented at QooQoo, enhances the dining experience with its swift response capabilities, efficiently minimizing customer waiting times and optimizing service quality. By efficiently managing tasks such as plate and tableware retrieval and bussing, the robot allows staff to concentrate on providing exceptional service.

With a load capacity of 40kg, the DINERBOT T9 efficiently handles meal delivery during peak restaurant hours. Its self-developed and fully autonomous navigation system enables it to maneuver through complex environments, calculate optimal routes in real-time, and ensure safe service by avoiding obstacles.

Furthermore, the DINERBOT T9 features an intelligent operation interface and voice system, allowing customers to use it with ease. Notably, in collaboration with EVERYBOT, the KEENON robots are localized and optimized for the Korean market, showcasing adaptability through technological innovation and tailored intelligent solutions.

Founded in 2010, KEENON Robotics is a globally renowned leading provider of service robotics, offering a comprehensive range of service robots and integrated solutions. With overseas locations in key international hubs such as the United States, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Hong Kong S.A.R., KEENON extends its presence to over 600 cities and regions in 60 countries worldwide.

The Korean market stands out as one of the primary countries emphasized by KEENON, prompting the establishment of a dedicated Korean subsidiary, located in Seoul, to broaden its customer reach. KEENON has further customized its offerings to address the specific requirements of the local market, thoroughly comprehending the diverse needs across industries and delivering tailored, efficient, and reliable robot solutions for businesses. These efforts have solidified KEENON’s reputation as a leading company in the field of service robots within the Korean market.

KEENON Robotics remains dedicated to introducing a diverse range of robot products to the Korean market, empowering and enhancing various fields and applications, including cleaning, medical, industrial, and beyond. As KEENON continues to explore these intelligent applications and business models, the commitment remains strong to deliver smarter, more convenient, and efficient service experiences to more Korean consumers.