KEENON Robotics and Truly Robotics Showcase Excites at Restaurant Asia 2024

SINGAPORE, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, at the highly anticipated Restaurant Asia 2024 expo, leading robotics solutions provider Truly Robotics (TR) teamed up with KEENON Robotics to unveil an array of innovative robot products, showcasing cutting-edge technology to attendees.

The opening day of the expo saw notable visitors including Low Yen Ling, Senior Minister of State at the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry; Andrew Kwan, President of the Restaurant Association of Singapore; and Jeannie Lim, Assistant Managing Director of Industry Services & Growth Enterprises at Enterprise Singapore. The TR and KEENON teams delivered professional technical presentations and live product demonstrations, receiving high praise from attendees and drawing significant business interest.

TR highlighted several standout products from KEENON Robotics during the expo, including the T5 known for its secure delivery capabilities, the DINERBOT T10 with integrated marketing features, the cost-effective T9, and the award-winning, compact T8 recognized at the 2023 Japan Good Design Awards, the efficient multi-floor delivery BUTLERBOT W3, and the robust KEENON S100 designed for heavy-load capacities. Additionally, the practical cleaning robot C30 captivated visitors, showcasing KEENON Robotics’ diverse solutions and deep expertise in robotics.

The success of Restaurant Asia 2024 marks a significant milestone for TR and KEENON Robotics, underscoring their expansion in the Asia-Pacific market and providing a platform for enhanced collaboration in robotics technology. Throughout the event, teams from TR and KEENON engaged in deep discussions with industry experts, potential clients, and partners, exploring the evolving applications and trends of robotics in sectors .

Truly Robotics (TR), a robotics solution provider with tech solutions ranging from IoT, AI, to facility management, has made its foray into the MICE industry. Janice Yee, the company’s CEO, shared, “At Truly Robotics, we are focused on providing turn-key solutions for our clients to help optimise their business operations. The new Keenon robots launched at the show has gathered strong interest from the F&B and hospitality industries. We look forward to working closely with Keenon to provide  seamless solutions for our clients.”

Looking forward, TR and KEENON Robotics are committed to strengthening their partnership, leveraging shared resources and technological innovations to drive rapid advancements in robotics. Their goal is to deliver smarter, more efficient, and customer-centric service solutions, setting new standards in the industry.

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