KEENON Robotics and Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. Join Forces to Enhance Korean Market with Advanced Service Robots

SHANGHAI, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — KEENON Robotics, a leading global robotic service provider, is pleased to announce its cooperation with Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd., a renowned energy and electrical product company based in Korea. Recently a Daesung delegation visited KEENON headquarters and production facilities in Shanghai. The signing of a business cooperation agreement and the beginning of this collaboration marks a significant milestone in KEENON’s expansion efforts within the Korean market, further bringing cutting-edge service robots to businesses and transforming customer experiences.

Mr. Wan Bin, COO, KEENON Robotics (left) and Mr. Lee Wonho, Vice President, Machinery Division, Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. at the signing ceremony at KEENON Headquarters, Shanghai.

With dedication and commitment to providing innovative operational solutions, both Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. with 76 years of long and colorful history and KEENON Robotics will establish a stronger presence together in Korea. KEENON is well-positioned to help offer a complete array of efficiency enhancements to the network of clients and stakeholders.

Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company involved in the production and supply of various energy and electrical products. Daesung strives for stable and safe energy supply while emphasizing sustainable development and social responsibility. Founded in 1947, Daesung operates in diverse business areas including energy, gas, environment, and machinery.

The service robot business is expected to play a crucial role in Daesung’s growth and diversification across various industries. Service robots leverage innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to enhance customer convenience and productivity, with promising applications in industries such as hotels, restaurants, retail, and healthcare. The initiation of Daesung’s service robot business contributes to portfolio diversification and innovation, creating social value. 

Through this cooperation, more businesses in Korea will have even greater access to a range of advanced indoor delivery robots from KEENON. The KEENON DINERBOTs, along with the versatile BUTLERBOT, will be available through Daesung distribution channels. These state-of-the-art robots are designed to enhance productivity and elevate customer experiences across various industries, especially the hospitality industry. DINERBOT is designed with food and beverage service in mind and features open trays, reliable navigation and a user-friendly interface, while BUTLERBOT features a secure, enclosed cabinet and can autonomously ride elevators.

“We are excited to partner with KEENON Robotics in the service robot business,” commented Mr. Lee Wonho, Vice President, Machinery Division, Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. “KEENON’s commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with our vision of delivering great new technologies to businesses in Korea. Together, we look forward to enabling organizations to unlock new levels of efficiency and provide exceptional customer experiences.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. and and facilitate more advanced service robots to the Korean market,” said Mr. Wan Bin, COO, KEENON Robotics. “Daesung’s expertise, history, and market reach will be instrumental in expanding our presence and delivering robotic solutions to more customers and end users in Korea. Together, we aim to change the way indoor deliveries are made, and help our customers increase their operational efficiency.”

The collaboration between KEENON Robotics and Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. marks a significant step toward driving the adoption of service robots in Korea. By offering a range of DINERBOT robots as well as the BUTLERBOT W3, both companies are poised to meet the growing demand for intelligent automation solutions and intelligent indoor delivery solutions across sectors such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, and more. Daesung will support the success of business partners by providing KEENON’s excellent service robot solutions through close collaboration with customers and partners.

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