Kdan Mobile Makes Strategic Investment in Toss Lab, Inc. To Expand Global Enterprise Market

Leading Asian SaaS Companies Collaborate to Expand Global B2B Footprint

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kdan Mobile Software, Ltd, a global SaaS company headquartered in Taiwan, announces its 1.2 million USD strategic investment in Korean SaaS giant, Toss Lab, Inc. The two leading productivity software companies from Asia plan to integrate their solutions to expand the international B2B market.

Kdan Mobile, with headquarters in Taiwan, has expanded its software solutions, including an e-signature service and creative productivity tools, globally. The company’s work is supported by over 200 million downloads and over 10 million members worldwide.

South Korea-based Toss Lab, Inc. is an enterprise software company that promotes a simple and efficient workflow. Toss Lab’s flagship product is JANDI, a collaboration platform featuring a suite of productivity tools for the workplace. JANDI is supported by over 3,000 enterprises across 300,000 team users.

Kdan plans to support Toss Lab to further improve the workflow tools featured on JANDI via its recognized PDF SDK library technology. The highly anticipated resulting solution designed from the collaboration is predicted to be a breakthrough in Asian and global SaaS ecosystems.

“This is not only a remarkable achievement for Asian SaaS companies’ collaboration, but great progress in the global SaaS market,” says Kenny Su, CEO and founder of Kdan Mobile. “We look forward to seeing the market growth for both Kdan and Toss Lab, Inc.”

With both companies’ CEOs sharing a common goal of improving workplace efficiency, the collaboration is expected to prospect new solutions for enterprises in the future, and scale the companies’ user bases.

“We are confident that we can offer enterprises a more comprehensive solution through our partnership with Kdan Mobile and continue to improve efficiency in the workplace,” says Matt Kim, CEO of Toss Lab, Inc.

Kdan Mobile Software, Ltd. has pledged to continue to seek out opportunities to grow its digital footprint, pledging to become the next unicorn in SaaS.

To learn more about Kdan Mobile or propose a partnership request, please contact [email protected], or visit Kdan Mobile’s website: www.kdanmobile.com/