Kandao Meeting Omni, A Game-changing Multi-System Collaboration Solution for Large Conference Rooms

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kandao is excited to launch Kandao Meeting Omni, a multi-system collaboration solution for large-range conferencing. It innovatively simplifies and redefines large-range conferencing by accessing up to four Kandao Meeting Pro or Kandao Meeting S, bringing together AI face-detection and voice-localization data, and turning it into one conferencing screen after re-analyzing and stitching.

Kandao Meeting Omni,a Multi-System Collaboration Solution for Large Conference Rooms

To See Better

The whole Kandao Meeting Omni system can equip with up to four 360-degree cameras to cover an ultra-large area, even with intelligent face recognition and tracking, and face deduplication, more attendees can be visible. Having front-face and close-face priority built-in for portrait selection is to realize eye contact even during remote communication. Users are able to select an output view mode, such as Speaker View to highlight the speaker and Gallery View to equally shows eight attendees who recently speak. Also considering some cases hoping to stay focused on something that matters, Kandao Meeting Omni also enables screen locking and zoom in or out.

To Speak Better and Hear Better

The full-duplex 8-microphone array has been upgraded to 4 groups with beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression technology embedded. It achieves a broader range of high-quality audio pickup so that every word is well-conveyed. The sound quality is also elevated to an upper lever with maximally four sets of custom Hi-Fi speakers. Attendees can always hear clearly no matter how big the conference room is.

Data Protected and Privacy

With an emphasis on information security, all data from the Kandao Meeting Omni are processed instantly, without uploading them to the cloud or database. IP address or locations will never be stored. Devices can be hidden to prevent malicious connections and be bonded to the host to ensure secure device access.

About Company:

Kandao is a leading innovator in next-generation imaging products, brings together VR technology, AI algorithm and video conferencing. For creating an immersive hybrid conferencing experience, Kandao released Kandao Meeting 360, the first generation of 360 all-in-one video conference camera with AI algorithm, Kandao Meeting Pro that is standalone with Android OS, Kandao Meeting S, a 180-degree AI conference camera, and Kandao Meeting Ultra, a 360 AI conference host with dual touchscreens.