Kampd, the platform dedicated to professional communities launched at Singapore FinTech Festival as its Knowledge Partner

Kampd announced as Knowledge Partner of SFF 2022 Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, Amit Gupta & Ullrich Loeffler, both also co-founded Ecosystm, a leading Digital Research and Advisory Company Company raises its seed funding from seasoned investors across Singapore & India

SINGAPORE, Nov. 2, 2022  /PRNewswire/ — Kampd, a Singapore-headquartered company aimed at empowering professionals in the knowledge economy through communities and content was formally unveiled today at Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2022. Announced as a Knowledge Partner at SFF 2022, the firm aims to provide a social media platform for like-minded professionals to engage with each other within communities of interest anchored around purposeful content.

Commenting on Kampd’s launch, seasoned entrepreneur Amit Gupta, Founder, Kampd commented, “It is an honour for us to launch Kampd at one of the most coveted global knowledge forums, and a privilege to have SFF among our founding knowledge communities. It validates our strongest belief that for a powerful forum such as SFF, ‘the conversations don’t have to end when the talk ends’.

We are a one stop platform that brings together professionals, communities, and creators to engage across varied areas of interest. Kampd unleashes the immense potential of the creator economy to benefit professionals across domains through the promise of rich meaningful content. As opposed to the traditional social media platforms that emphasise ‘who you know’, Kampd enables users to maximise their potential with ‘what you know’.”

For creators, who are thought leaders, industry stalwarts, the platform will empower them to create and amplify their content on Kampd, as well as across platforms to eventually build sustained engagement with their followers within the relevant communities.

As the Knowledge Partner of SFF 2022, the Kampd platform will give access to the global SFF community of FinTech and technology leaders to engage on the most relevant content from the current and previous editions of the festival. Thought leaders and experts within the SFF community will be able to make use of the platform to continue engaging with one another throughout SFF and beyond, and will also be able to run micro-events to nurture engagement within the platform. Kampd will ensure the conversations continue within the SFF community even after the physical event closes, ensuring a sustained interchange of knowledge.

Commenting on this partnership Pat Patel, Executive Director, Elevandi (an MAS Company), said, “Now in its seventh year, SFF has gone from strength to strength largely because of the way we are able to bring global government leaders, regulators and policymakers together with the corporate leaders, founders and investors. Bringing these key groups of leaders together allows us to really advance the FinTech community and create new ideas and opportunities. Our partnership with Kampd is a great example of this as it allows us to further engage our community in new ways. It allows us to connect people, connect ideas and connect insights.”

Kampd is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Amit Gupta and Ullrich Loeffler. Based in Singapore, both co-founded Ecosystm in 2018, a Digital Research and Advisory Company with its global headquarters in Singapore serving the biggest global digital brands. Through Ecosystm, the two co-founders have demonstrated their ability to disrupt long standing legacy business models at a global scale. Following the success of the prolific founders, they have been backed in their new venture, Kampd with angel funding (undisclosed amount) from seasoned investors and eminent industry leaders across Singapore and India.

Download the Kampd app here.

Use the invite code 8P7F for exclusive access to the founding communities on Kampd.

For more information on Kampd, please visit https://www.kampd.com/

About Kampd

Kampd, short for ‘Knowledge Amplified’, is a social media platform for professional communities and content. We enable the growth and success of professionals in this fast-changing knowledge economy with the ability to keep up with developments in their fields. An effective way to do this is through exchange of knowledge between like-minded people. Kampd is enabling such interchange for professional communities of interest with purposeful content.