Kakao Entertainment to hold global K-Pop auditions, starting with applications in the U.S.

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Representing popular K-pop artists such as Monsta X, IVE, and The Boyz, Kakao Entertainment is set to hold a series of auditions around the world to discover next-generation K-pop singers and idol groups.

Kakao Entertainment to hold global K-Pop auditions, starting with applications in the U.S. (Credit: Kakao Entertainment)

Starting with North America this August, the company will accept applications for the “2022 Kakao Entertainment Friends Global Online Audition,” and welcome applicants from new markets each month through January.

The application dates for each market are as follows: through Aug. 31 for North America; the month of September for China; October for Asia (excluding China and Japan); November for Japan, December for Oceania; and the month of January for Europe.

The Kakao Friends Audition brings together Kakao Entertainment’s subsidiary labels such as Starship Entertainment, IST Entertainment, and more, to unearth up-and-coming talent for the K-pop industry and provide more opportunities for promising artists to enter global stardom. Some of the company’s well-known K-pop idols currently active on the global stage were discovered through this program. 

The audition is open to all applicants, regardless of age, gender, and nationality. Those who would like to apply can visit the audition website (https://audition.kakaoent.com) during their respective application windows and select which talent they would like to showcase, including vocals, dance, and rap.

The first round of auditions will take place online through video and photo reviews, and the second round will be conducted through one-on-one video calls. Artists who make it through the final round may have the opportunity to sign an exclusive contract with Kakao Entertainment or its labels as a trainee or artist.

More details are available at the following social media channels: Instagram (www.instagram.com/kakaoent_friends_audition), Facebook (www.facebook.com/kakaoentertainmentfriends), Twitter (https://twitter.com/KakaoEntFriends), and KakaoTalk (pf.kakao.com/_xbxesfxl).

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