LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digitalization is profoundly changing the apparel supply chain. The innovation of technology and the development of the Internet of Things have opened the 3.0 era of “deep data” in the fashion industry. As a well-known apparel supply chain platform, KakaClo has always been at the forefront of digital change in the apparel industry. On July 15, six months after going online, “Fashion Trends”, a major feature update that presents users with the most participated outfit posts across Instagram is released by KakaClo.

Fashion sellers now can more quickly understand the trend of consumer likes, and the slightest nuance in the industry as it allows users to sort by posting time, the number of likes, and comments.

Crucially, users can shop similarly by leveraging its image recognition technology called “Search by Image”. KakaClo uses the description of seed products and image recognition to find and recommend similar products in their product catalog.

The feature will be available to all users and visitors of the site and is known to be entirely free.

“We are in the era where FMCG is driven by artificial intelligence and big data, and the on-demand model has taken the fashion world by storm and may offer a solution to many of the external considerations shaping today’s business world,” said the CTO of KakaClo. “The traditional seller decision process is mainly based on manual selection and personal preference. However, it tends to be extremely inefficient due to the information overload and the constant trends change in the fashion industry.

The core technologies of “Fashion Trends” include high-precision AI image recognition, data mining, and personalized recommendation. It improves the accuracy of new design ideas by fashion brands, as they are grasping the central fashion trends of Instagram.

“Moreover, the one-stop design platform and 3D-print service will also be available soon.” KakaClo founder added.

The “Search by Image” function sourcing from the database that KakaClo has accumulated over the years of the fashion business.

Since the image recognition feature launch, it’s been well received by fashion brands as sellers can find the same or similar products in a short time, which effectively saves the time of searching.

This is not its first major update. In early August, six months after the company receives investment from venture capital, KakaClo re-upgraded its site interface to enable users to better understand the company’s mission.

Up to now, KakaClo has built up a strong fashion supply chain network from pattern design to mass production by combining partners including fashion designers, pattern houses, fabric merchants, and factories with the company.

“We’re on a mission to empower fashion entrepreneurs or influencers to build apparel brands that impact the world. By combining these valuable resources that we have accumulated over years of e-commerce business, we believe it will help our fashion sellers sharpen their competitive edge in such fierce-competition market.” KakaClo founder says.

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