JumpySIM and Spacetalk Adventurer Update


JumpySIM launches in Australia Major Spacetalk Adventurer update

ADELAIDE, Australia, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spacetalk Ltd. (ASX:SPA), the Australian company that strives to bring the best wearables and software ecosystem to families around the world to advance child safety, development and wellness, is pleased to announce that its Australian mobile network service JumpySIM has officially launched.  In addition, a new major Spacetalk Operating System update has also been released.

JumpySIM Australia:

Spacetalk officially launched its JumpySIM mobile network service in Australia in September 2022.  JumpySIM in Australia will use part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G[1] mobile network.

All sales through the Spacetalk’s Australian e-commerce store will now come bundled with a JumpySIM.  For Spacetalk’s domestic retailer channels, subject to a brief period of inventory replacement, Spacetalk Adventurer wearables will also include a JumpySIM mobile networked SIM.  JumpySIM offers 1-, 6- and 12-month plans starting from $16.99 per month.  Customers are also able to receive a JumpySIM at www.au.jumpysim.com

JumpySIM service subscriptions in Australia will include a free Spacetalk App subscription for Kids and Adventurer wearables. Users of other mobile services will still need to purchase a Spacetalk App subscription separately.

Spacetalk believes the inclusion of a free App subscription with JumpySIM services will significantly simplify and enhance the Spacetalk customer proposition and user experience. 

JumpySIM was launched in the United States in June 2022 and the evidence to date indicates a customer experience enhancement and a high conversion of Spacetalk wearable purchases into JumpySIM subscriptions – estimated to be more than 80 percent.

Spacetalk Adventurer Update

Spacetalk has also recently deployed a major new eco-system upgrade for the Spacetalk Adventurer kids wearable.  This upgrade includes:

Market leading High-Definition Video Calling; Children Feelings and Wellness; Funny Sounds; Wi-Fi; and 3 additional languages (German, Dutch and Italian)

These advances further demonstrate Spacetalk’s leadership in the connected kids wearable segment.

Spacetalk CEO Mark Fortunatow said: “These advances mark a further milestone in Spacetalk’s development as we continue to innovate to deliver the best products and services to our customers.  They are also a continuation of our strategy to improve our customers’ experience while also enhancing our profit margins and growing recurring revenues.

“JumpySIM will contribute to enhancing our business economics, including by adding to our recurring revenues.  The Spacetalk Operating System  upgrade will also allow us to extend our competitive advantage in the marketplace with one of the most technically sophisticated and functionally rich wearables in the market.

“I am very excited about Spacetalk’s future.  The opportunities before us are great.”

About Spacetalk Ltd.

Spacetalk Ltd. (ASX:SPA) is the developer of a technology platform providing child safety and development tools to support wellness.

The ASX-listed company is recognised globally as a leader in the connected wearables industry thanks to its unique proprietary ecosystem that keep families connected. This market-leading hardware and trusted, parent-controlled software platform enable children and families to experience the benefits of mobile technology securely and with confidence.

With the Spacetalk App, parents can prevent their children’s’ access to the open internet, social media and inappropriate adult content while blocking calls and messages from unknown senders. The app also keeps track of a child’s location and is customisable so every feature can be enabled and disabled as needed.

Spacetalk’s best-in-class software platform supports children’s development by facilitating engaging, confidence-building experiences that the whole family can participate in and enjoy.

The Spacetalk smartphone-watch is a child’s first mobile phone, offering all the benefits of a smartphone and operating on a secure, private and parent-controlled ecosystem that can be customised to reflect each family’s needs and values. Together, the watches and software platform provide a complete digital communication solution that families can rely on at all times.

Spacetalk was founded in 2001 and listed on the ASX in 2003 as MGM Wireless Limited, which developed the world’s first SMS student absence notification platform for schools and went on to become Australia’s most successful school messaging company. On 12 November 2020 the Company changed its name to Spacetalk Ltd.

To learn more about the Spacetalk devices and app platform, and the Company, please visit: https://www.spacetalkwatch.com/. Investor Centre: https://investors.spacetalkwatch.com/.

[1] Telstra’s 3G Network (850Mhz band) will close in mid-2024.