The 12-in-1 gadget aims at becoming an indispensable tool in any remote office setup

HONG KONG, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JSAUX just launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of the OmniCase 2, a new USB-C hub consisting of a 12-in-1 enhanced version for digital nomads and remote workers (MP04), and a 10-in-1 home edition designed for students, handheld players and content creators (MP03). These successors to the original OmniCase come with a more polished interface, new ports, and a wider space for cables and other small tools.

In the next 30 days, the electronics brand will be seeking to reach a funding goal of $5,000. The campaign will last until June 29 and the rewards for backers will start shipping out in July.


The OmniCase series was created by JSAUX to meet global citizen’s organizational needs as they seek for new ways to enjoy the latest tech releases. Its first model was successfully kickstarted in 2021 at 3,000% in just 45 days.

This mix of traditional hub and electronic organizer concentrates the most popular ports used on consumer electronics on a single pocket-sized gadget. Also, it features a magnetic storage on top with all the cables everyone might need in their everyday routines.

OmniCase 2


The OmniCase 2 Pro is a 12-in-1 hub compatible with Mac and Windows computers, tablets, and smartphones. Using it is as simple as connecting it to any device via USB-C. Its reduced dimensions (126x26x78mm) make it the best-suited version for those looking for flexible use between the portable and stationary office or, perhaps, planning to use it both for work and entertainment. This tool will help you unleash your full potential wherever you go.

MP04 features the most used port types in consumer electronics:

x1 USB-C connection port w/ max. 100W PD x1 USB-C 3.0 x1 USB-A 3.0 x1 USB-A 2.0 x2 HDMI (up to 4K@60hz) x1 DisplayPort (up to 4K@60hz) x1 SD card reader x1 TF card slot x1 3.5mm jack x1 RJ45 Ethernet port

Moreover, the OmniCase 2 Pro is equipped with internal magnets above and below the accessory — first, to close its upper storage organizer for cables; and second, to attach the OmniCase to other compatible accessories.

Inside the OmniCase 2 you will find everything you need to connect it to your computer:

x1 USB-C to USB-C 3.2 cable x1 90º female-to-male USB-C adapter x1 USB-C to USB micro-B adapter x1 USB-C female to USB-A male adapter x1 iPhone charging adapter x1 ejector pin tool for mobile devices Plus space to store SD/SIM/TF cards

All these specs make it a great ally for professionals like small business owners, retail managers, creative freelancers (streamers, journalists, social media managers) and data analysts.


This 10-in-1 version is a bit simpler since it was conceived as a tool for gaming setups, and for college students who’re looking for tools to make the most of their study days with the minimum waste of space. Just like the OmniCase 2 Pro, this model is fully compatible with PC and the most common smart devices — as well as handheld consoles such as the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. It keeps the very same compartment for cables and the magnetic functions featured in the MP04.

MP03 includes:

x1 USB-C connection port w/ max. 100W PD x2 USB-A 3.0 X1 USB-A 2.0 x1 HDMI (up to 4K@60hz) x1 SD card reader x1 TF card slot x1 3.5mm jack x1 RJ45 Ethernet port


Besides the main products, the Kickstarter campaign will feature the following accessories:

A curved laptop stand (SL0206) to elevate the computer for a more ergonomic use and leave room for the OmniCase right under it. It’s perfect to create your own dual-screen setup by connecting the device to a bigger display. The OmniCase area is iron-made and fully compatible with the gadget’s bottom magnets.

The stand for Steam Deck (SG0106), a sturdy mount ready to hold Valve’s handheld and leave room for the OmniCase 2 right behind. The front gap for the Steam Deck is made of aluminum and has soft silicone anti-slip pads to keep it secured against any kind of scratch. As for the back part, forged in iron, it’s compatible with the OmniCase’s magnetic function.

Both the OmniCase 2 and the OmniCase 2 Pro will be available separately, or as a part of a bundle along with these accessories. As a special opportunity for the fastest backers, JSAUX will also offer 100 units of each pack at the same price as the standalone products. For further information, please check the Kickstarter campaign.


All visual assets for the products listed here are available to download on JSAUX’s official website.

Also, you can reach out to a brand representative and follow the new product updates on social media.

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