Joyoung Is Making Clean Eating Easier For The World With Its Self-Cleaning Multi-Functional Smart Cooking Blender

Joyoung celebrates a healthy lifestyle by innovating its world-renowned smart cooking blender.

AUSTIN, Texas, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When Joyoung invented world’s first cooking blender 28 years ago, the world is yet to see what drastic changes Joyoung’s smart blenders are about to bring. With a touch of a button, that blender can blend, churn, and cook, and almost overnight, the Joyoung smart blender became a cult-favorite: a millennial legend was born. People were in awe when that blender came out, and Joyoung became a necessity for almost every household in Asia. 

Fast-tracked to today, the mother ship of some of the most innovative cooking blenders on the market, Joyoung, is bringing the world the Joyoung Y1 cooking blender, a brand new, and much more powerful high-capacity blender that can cook, mix, juice, puree, churn, and so much more. The best part – it self-cleans.

The Joyoung Y1 Cooking Blender is on sale for $429.99 on Amazon Joyoung Official Store

The Smart Touch Screen makes food preparation friendly for the whole family, with easy-to-use functions anyone understands and easily falls in love with. The blender comes with its famous almond milk and oat milk function, and now it can make a fresh cup of almond milk in just 3 minutes. The Y1 cooking blender also has a soup function, and does exactly what millions of consumers have been dreaming of doing – with a touch of a button, a bowl of mouth-watering tomato or pumpkin soup is made. This function makes people’s life so easy that it has been trending on TikTok for months and is loved by numerous chefs and food bloggers. 

One of the most challenging parts of using a blender is how difficult cleaning can be afterward. With the Y1 cooking blender, the “self-cleaning” mode will automatically start after the drinks have been done, or one can find the function button on the touch screen. Worried about the blender not being cleaned thoroughly? Joyoung’s got it. This Y1 cooking blender also comes with a sterilization function, which offers hands-free and high-temperature deep cleaning of the blender, keeping the most hidden nook and corner in the machine germ-free.

The Joyoung Y1 cooking blender is the flagship product in Joyoung’s hero product series – The Y series; it was just launched in early 2022, and is currently on sale for $424.99 on Amazon Joyoung Official Store (Retail price: $499.99).  

About Joyoung

With 28 years of experience and over 8,000 patented technologies, we have been the unquestionable industry pioneer and proudly expanded and innovated the traditional juicing blender to being used a in variety of scenes in everyday life, from breakfast to dinner, from a full-course meal to desserts. We believe living healthily is a necessity, not a luxury. For decades, we are committed to help bring the joy of exploring cooking to every family across the world. Being a socially responsible brand, we strive to make the world more aware of a healthy and clean lifestyle. Through our constant pursuit of consumer satisfaction, product quality and innovation, we keep creating kitchen and home appliances that make us and all our customers proud.

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About JS Global:

JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited (1691.HK) is a world leading producer of small household appliances. As of Dec 31st, 2021, JS Global ranked number 3 among the small household appliance focused companies**. It primarily operates three major brands: Shark, Ninja and Joyoung. The Company’s success is centered around its deep understanding of consumer needs, and is built on its strong product innovation and design capability powered by a global research and development platform, marketing strengths driving high brand engagement, and an omni-channel distribution coverage with high penetration.

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