Josys Raises $93M in Series B Funding to Revolutionize Global IT Operations

TOKYO, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Josys, a leading SaaS and Device Management Platform, today announced a successful Series B funding round of $93 million, bringing its total funding to $125 million. Global Brain and Globis Capital Partners led the round. Since its Series A raise of $32 million last September, the company has witnessed a tenfold increase in revenue and now serves over 300 businesses. 

Addressing the New World Challenges of IT Operations

Founded in 2021 in Japan, Josys is at the forefront of addressing the complexities in IT operations that have arisen in the wake of COVID-19. As businesses have shifted to remote work and adopted numerous SaaS solutions, the challenge of maintaining a “single source of truth” for IT operations has become daunting. Many enterprises have encountered growing cybersecurity risks and costly shadow IT issues stemming from the decentralized and unregulated adoption of technology. Additionally, as new remote employees are hired, IT teams are struggling with the timely acquisition and delivery of required work devices and often lose visibility of these devices throughout the employee lifecycle, exposing businesses to substantial replacement costs and potential security vulnerabilities. 

Josys offers a holistic solution to these challenges, providing an integrated SaaS and Device Management platform that allows companies to automate and optimize the management of their software applications and devices. Additionally, Josys offers IT outsourcing services for IT device lifecycle management, that covers purchasing, configuration, shipping, repairing, and storage of laptops and mobile devices.

“Organizations across the globe are struggling to modernize their operations and catch-up with the technological and human shifts that have transformed how and where work gets done,” said Yasukane Matsumoto, CEO, Josys. “At Josys, our vision for ‘Better Systems, Better World’ drives us to reimagine the traditional IT operations playbook for the hybrid work era and deliver a next-generation LifecycleOps platform to help companies of all sizes establish efficient and secure practices for managing their applications and devices.”

Accelerating Global Expansion

As of September 5, 2023, Josys expanded its operations to North America and APAC regions. This expansion will allow Josys to begin offering its SaaS and Device Management platform to customers in these countries as well as providing IT outsourcing services for device lifecycle management, which will be particularly valuable for multinational organizations with global employees in these locations. By offering local sourcing and device support, Josys can dramatically reduce IT onboarding time for overseas employees from several weeks to just a few days. Josys aims to provide its IT outsourcing services in over 100 countries by the end of 2025.

Beyond geographic expansion, the Series B funding will also enable Josys to accelerate headcount growth within their product and engineering teams. The leadership team plans to double headcount in the coming months. Additionally, Josys will be expanding its routes-to-market, with a distinct focus on building out its managed service provider (MSP) network for increased territory coverage and expedited service delivery. 

About Josys

A multinational startup established in 2021, Josys operates with a mission of “Redefining IT operations for new-age businesses, globally.”  With over 100 employees across the US, India, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam, Josys is dedicated to building the operational systems supporting the evolving nature of global businesses post-COVID.