JollyMax Collaborates with Super Sus in Achieving Significant Milestone

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The cooperation between global digital entertainment one-stop platform JollyMax and brand partner Super Sus has recorded impressive results over recent months. The two partners have worked together to boost exposure for the game, with JollyMax reserving an exclusive recharging and giveaway page for the game as part of its recent one-year anniversary campaign. As a digital product and service provider, JollyMax is continuing to explore new opportunities to support both the internationalization and localization of the game developer across emerging markets.

JollyMax X Super Sus

Super Sus is a werewolf-like social deduction action game played on both mobile and browser where players role-play as one of a number of different characters suspected of foul play. The highly social properties of the game require a strong focus on product localization to ensure players connect and engage with others who both speak the same language and understand the same culture. Through close collaboration with the studio, JollyMax helped the game in launch promotion, highlighting the high-quality and unique fun on offer and enabled Super Sus to reach its commercialization targets.

“JollyMax has been instrumental not only in serving local players, such as making the payment process simple and convenient, but also in promoting the game across different platforms. With support from JollyMax, we’ve been able to grow Super Sus into a highly popular online game with a vibrant and growing community of players, while driving higher traffic and revenues,” said Mike Goh, Head of Payment Operations of Super Sus.

In preparation for the Super Sus official launch on JollyMax, the platform assisted in orchestrating a comprehensive pre-launch hype campaign. Leveraging extensive resources in Southeast Asia, JollyMax was able to boost awareness for the game through publishing game-related social media and content and promoting early bird charging deals. Additionally, the platform worked with relevant industry influencers in publishing interactive quizzes, and pre-launch sneak peek content.

Upon launch, JollyMax continued to work with local influencers to promote the game and build communities of passionate players. Throughout August, as part of the JollyMax one-year anniversary campaign, the company collaborated with Super Sus and increased traffic to boost new markets, expanding into 15 countries and achieving a 500% increase in daily sales. The platform also set up an exclusive activity page for Super Sus to target specific key markets and offer limited-time promotions, including offering a limited edition exclusive Super Sus hat upon recharging, invite rewards, and a lottery event.

We’re very happy to be in cooperation with Super Sus as we believe in promoting high-quality products to our users. So far, the partnership has been a great success, having already launched in 15 countries and recording a five-time increase in sales. Moving forward, we remain committed to supporting Super Sus in developing in new markets and achieving a truly global reach,” said Dana Gu, Global Community Manager of JollyMax.

About Super Sus
Super Sus is a werewolf-like 3D social deduction game available on both mobile and browser where players role-play as one of a number of different characters suspected of foul play. Players are tasked with exploring an interactive world filled with various puzzles and engage in social-based teamwork to uncover clues whilst the undercover villains attempt to disrupt their progress. The game currently has over 300 million global players.

About JollyMax
JollyMax is a premier global retail platform offering gaming enthusiasts around the world access to some of the most cost-effective deals on digital products and services. JollyMax partners with top global merchants, game companies, and payment providers to support users from all over the world.