Jokowi: Societies Prosper through Lifelong Learning

BALI, Indonesia, July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — President Joko Widodo (in short Jokowi) concluded the Inclusive Lifelong Learning Conference (ILLC) series in Bali. Jokowi emphasized that lifelong learning is not just a narrative but a concrete government program.

“Lifelong learning is a reality and is no longer just a narrative or aspiration. Lifelong learning is important as it can benefit people’s welfare,” Jokowi remarked when delivering a closing speech via video conference on Wednesday(5/7).

Jokowi highlighted that Indonesia will enjoy a demographic bonus within the decade as the majority of population will be of productive age. This opportunity then must be utilized well through the improvement of Indonesia’s workforce quality considering it will only happen once for every country.

“To solve this challenge, the government initiated the Kartu Prakerja Program that utilizes digital technological advancement to accelerate skills improvement through lifelong learning programs that are inclusive for everyone,” Jokowi said.

Prakerja took advantage of the technological advancement to accelerate the skills improvement of Indonesia’s workforce and is proven able to increase the employment rate by 12% and shifting study habits with technology by 90%.

“Managing the demographic bonus cannot solely be done by the government and requires cooperation, partnership and collaboration with various parties and communities to ignite acceleration and leap forward in improving the quality of human resources,” Jokowi added.

At the ILLC, participating countries agree that lifelong learning is the key to improving people’s welfare and the country’s economy. Around 340 participants representing 38 countries attended the conference.

“We agree that learning knows no boundaries and should be done anywhere and anytime. We must be able to convince young people, especially Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha, to become lifelong learners to improve the quality of their lives and become the driving force of lifelong learning,” closed Jokowi.

Indonesia through Prakerja with UNESCO organized the ILLC to be a platform for delegates, academics, and organizations to share their case studies and lessons learned. The various experiences that were shared during the conference is proven to be fruitful as the conference produced the Bali Manifesto, a guide to implementing lifelong learning around the world.

The ILLC highlights Indonesia’s achievement for its innovation with Prakerja, a successful large-scale lifelong learning program. The conference demonstrates Indonesia’s leadership in innovation within the lifelong learning ecosystem. This success is relevant with Indonesia’s role on the international stage through its 2023 ASEAN Chairmanship and as a member of the G20.